December 16, 2008

Hello, Cookie!!

Check this out! We’ve been cookie-ized!!

Kristen & Jen (the amazing & lovely ladies of Sugarbelle) made these AWESOME cookies for us with our logo on one side and the “Justin & Mary” part on the other side!! Aren’t they AMAZING?!We just love them so much!

EVERYTHING that these two make is divine! They were also the creative force behind our own wedding cake last year (alternating layers of chocolate, chocolate and caramel apple cider…YUM!!!) and J’s Groom’s cake (Coconut!). For the wedding cake, they did three layers of antique Daguerreian frames (which they hand made out of gum paste!) to represent three generations of weddings in our families going back to our grandparents…and as for the groom’s cake!! Well, you’ll just have to take a look for yourself to believe it!! We actually both did a double take, thinking that it was a real camera that someone had set out for us. Like I said, AMAZING!

***Sugarbelle is being featured tonight on the Style Network at 9pm for “The Art of Cakes II”!! Check em out if you get a chance!

The cakes!! (Photo credit to the one & only [b]ecker!!)

  1. Annemarie

    ShutUP – how stinking cool??!?! They are way too precious to ever eat though!!

  2. jeramy

    very cute!

  3. christina lemarr

    ok…looks like my previous comment ended up on a post it wasn’t meant for….very strange….sooo that one was for Geoffrey’s pics….this one-Yummy lookin cookies!! Sorry, I’m not insane! Promise!

  4. christina lemarr

    *sigh* sorry my internet is messing up…..I botched the comments completely. Sorry girl!

  5. Christopher

    Ok, I am now officially hungry!

  6. Tiffany

    Aww…Those cakes are amazing!

  7. Valeen

    Sweet!!! I love those cookies!!

  8. john waire

    pretty schweet !!!

  9. Melinda

    That’s awesome…..they look so good. I want a cookie!!!

  10. Katie Jo

    Those cookies are little bits of lovely!

  11. Kricia Morris Photography

    Wow those cookies are amazing! And I love that the cake is blue and brown, absolutely my favorite combo of colors right now! Beautiful!

  12. Molly

    I can have a sample?!

  13. Juls


  14. Yuka photo art

    ummmm… I believe these photos! Very creative and looks so beautiful!

  15. Melissa J Copeland

    those are awesome cookies!!! they look very yummy too!

  16. Jodi

    I love cake and my mouth is watering just reading about it!
    Beautiful website!

  17. Candace Prokopets

    I love these cookies!! Who are you giving them out to?

  18. Derek

    I would hope the cookies are a treat for family members at Christmas. ;) We willing be seeing you this holiday, correct?

  19. Joan Solitario

    THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! Some people are just so talented!!

  20. Adrienne

    Both they cakes and the cookies look spectacular!! Love them!

  21. Talia

    adorable and delicious looking too!

  22. Lindsay

    Those look so good!!!

  23. Lindsay Mastroianni

    They came today, thanks so much!

  24. Val McCormick Photography

    They are so AWESOME. The cake for Nikki was PERFECT. Marantz’s know the Best!!!!

  25. Deyla Huss Photography

    OMG!!! you guys these are amazing!

  26. Melissa

    OMG those look delicious! Awesome! And sweet cake!!

  27. Liza

    Those cookies are so cute!

  28. Michelle Johnson

    Those cookies look amazing. What a great gift.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  29. Mary Marantz

    mmmm we tried them yesterday…they were AMAZING!! SOOO good!!

  30. Dina

    Mary?! from! Christmas came early for me too when you commented on my humble blog! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment…made my December! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  31. ohana photographers- david & kimi

    those cookies are rad!!!! umm…those cakes are awesome!

  32. Robin Dini

    YUMMY! that’s the part of "branding" i can totally get down with. Icing!

  33. denise karis

    I love photos of cakes and cookies – so pretty!!

  34. Cathy Crawley

    I"m hungry now! These look super tasty :)

  35. Lydia

    Those cookies are amazing, and the camera cake seriously looks real!

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