June 14, 2013

Help Find Eric!!

Friends, please READ THIS & see if you can help at all!! The search for local CT photographer Eric Langlois continues today after he went missing on Tuesday! There were a bunch of us there all day yesterday, including 4 hours for Justin in the water, while to our incredible disappointment there was NO police or state presence at all. Just friends & locals manning the search. I wish I was exaggerating that, but there wasn’t a single official there, even to tell us where to start looking or help coordinate. Today a bunch of the searchers, us included, have to tag out to shoot weddings so we NEED more hands on deck. If you’re reading this & you are anywhere nearby in CT, NY or MA please come help! You will NOT be in the way, there AREN’T enough people helping already, and it DOESN’T matter how well you know him. Every single extra set of eyes, ears & hands helps. To everyone else, just pray as hard as you can. If you can help out today, head to the Walnut Hill Community Church at 19 Dorwin Hill Rd, New Milford CT!! Please don’t even think about it, just get in your car & go! And for those of you who can’t make it, just spread the word like crazy….keep this story going! Reach out to the local & national media if you have any contacts! The more coverage there is, the more help there is! There are 16,000 of us on here..let’s make some NOISE!!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    completely shocked that no police officers were out there.. that is insane — should someone make a call?!?!

    so many prayers going up <3

  2. bethany cox

    I wish we had been around to help. It is so so sad.

  3. Jen

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Something similar happened to my friend almost 12 years ago. Thinking about you guys!

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