July 8, 2013

Hey Girl.

Happy Monday friends!

For those of you who are following along with our adventures on Instagram (we are @marymarantz & @justinmarantz if you aren’t already! If you want to see where in the world we are now- I’ll give you a hint…bonjour!…make sure to follow along!), you know that this past weekend we attended a wedding as guests. But not just any wedding, an English wedding. Full of all the Kate Middleton/ Downton Abbey fabulousness that we Americans drool over!

As soon as we knew we were going, the next question on our mind was of course what on earth to wear. In fact, I wrote a whole post about whether to fascinator or not to fascinator HERE. I went back & forth on short dress v. long dress, hair up v. hair down, and what color to wear. But right from the get-go, Justin knew exactly what he wanted to wear: A navy tux with black bow tie.

And when he told me this I was, shall we say…..unconvinced. Navy & black, who does that??

But then Justin did what Justin does & he started doing his research. And it wasn’t long before things like this started ending up in my inbox. It says “Hey Girl. I rock the navy tux and so can Justin. :) ”

And so, I started to give in. I mean who can resist Gosling logic.

When we got to London & made our way through the Tube, he made sure to point out every Skyfall poster featuring the latest James Bond in what? A navy tux & black bow tie.

And so, by the time the wedding rolled around I had been worn down sufficiently and the blue tux it was. And I gotta say, once it was on…I was fully convinced!

And apparently so was the wedding photographer for the day.

When it came time for the big group photo of everyone there….he asked if Mr. Bond could come around & stand down front! :)

Gah, there will just be no living with him now! :)

Happy Monday y’all!

** You Kate Middleton fans will be happy to know that the dress I ended up settling on was a Jenny Packham gown. I came across it when I went to pick out a fascinator & fell in love. She’s apparently one of Kate’s favorite designers & I can see why. Not only did I think the dress was really pretty, it was super comfortable to wear too. So if you’re ever in need of a formal dress, I highly recommend her! Cheerio! :)

  1. Erin Infantino

    And it is perfection!

  2. Urška Majer

    You two look fabulous! Love the fascinator & the dress!

  3. Ann Nyberg

    You two look like you are attending a British Royal wedding…you both look gorgeous!

  4. Emilia Jane

    You are stunning and Justin is so handsome!! Love love love.

  5. Tori Watson

    um, yes. you’re both DEFINITELY rocking those looks! sounds like such a fun & lovely wedding to attend! :)

  6. Gail

    GAHHHHH you guys looked SO amazing for this! WOW! I LOVED Justin’s rationale for wearing the navy/black combo (I mean, any Gosling reference is OK in my book) and Jenny Packham is my FAVORITE designer (if I could do my wedding over, it’d be in one of her gowns!)

  7. Annetta

    Love your hat!! You both look great! Hope your having fun on your travels.

  8. katie

    You two look FABULOUS! Ahh I hope you’re having the best time! xo

  9. ashley barnett

    You guys look AMAZING! Seriously! So dapper and gorgeous. You guys should totally rock this look at our wedding hahaha :)

  10. Laura

    Well don’t you two look dapper! ;)

  11. Katelyn James

    LOVE!! You two look amazing!!!!

  12. Liz and Ryan

    The first thing we said when we saw the photo of Justin was "WOW he looks like James Bond in that suit!!!" Mary, you look FABULOUS in that dress and Fascinator and would make the perfect Bond Girl!!! :) XOXO

  13. Melissa Jill

    Seriously hot stuff guys! And even Justin’s pose in that last photo is very Bond :).

  14. Sandy`

    You both look stunning! Bravo!

  15. Spring

    Could you guys be anymore picture perfect? Seriously you guys were made for English weddings!!!

  16. Dan and Melissa

    Love your pictures! Great job!

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