June 10, 2009

HGTV: My First Place

So some of you have been asking how the house hunt has been going lately (thank you for that, btw!!). Well…I think it can best be summed up that life is like one big HGTV show for us lately. In particular, it feels like Justin & I have been cast in some bizarre ongoing, never-ending episode of “My First Place” (great show if you haven’t watched it!) And our preview would go a little something like this:

“This week on ‘My First Place,’ our newlyweds Justin & Mary have their heart set on this turn of the century, three story colonial set on a beautiful lot with sweeping waterfront views. These first time homebuyers have had their offer accepted, but will the inspection turn up something they hadn’t bargained for?? Tune in next week to find out.”

Yea, house hunting is hard.

  1. Derek

    You gotta keep us posted! We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for you! Love you guys! And if you get a chance, shoot me over some pics of the house… I’m interested to see it

  2. alison

    House hunting is so very hard- you fall in love and get your heart broken over and over and over. It is like junior high all over again with a really big price tag.
    I wish you great luck in your hunt. Remember the right one will find you.

  3. Gray Photography - Zach & Jody

    aw, boo :( Hang in there! Your perfect house is out there waiting to come out at the right moment! -JG

  4. Mary Marantz

    thanks guys! This one definitely hasn’t been ruled out…it’s just gonna take more work than we thought! :) We’ll see!!

  5. Julia

    aaah…. adventures in home ownership (you would think they start AFTER you buy the house)… all the little hiccups will make the final decision taste THAT much sweeter!!! Thinking positive thoughts for you guys!!

  6. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    From the description and the view I’m already in love with it! Crossing fingers for you also!

  7. Ray

    WOW! That’s your view when you look outside the house?!! How beautiful. And it sounds like a spectacular house. I hope all goes well and that soon you’ll be lugging boxes into it. ;o)

  8. MM

    LOL…yep! That’s the view!

  9. Stacey

    Good luck!!! everything will work out they way its supposed to! :)

  10. oneshotbeyond

    gorgeous gorgeous VIEW!

  11. rachel darley

    Oooh! Sooo gorgeous! Awww, I wish you guys the best of luck in finding the right home! And it will be a great home and nothing like the house in "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks =)

  12. Christa

    Ohhh….good luck. Hope it all works out :)

  13. Alyssa Jul

    Oh man I remember going through that, trust me the day you give up and resign yourself to living in a stupid apartment is the day you find "THE" house! Best of luck!

  14. Marissa Rodriguez

    Cool picture! When you do find the perfect place, it’ll be THAT much better :)

  15. Nancy Ramos

    Looks heavenly. Wish you luck finding the place of your dreams. Mary, thank you for posting comments on my blog. It really means a lot.

  16. Jena

    Want to know something really bizarre? One night I had a dream that you both came to see our condo (my fiance and I are trying to sell it) and LOVED it and wanted to buy it – haha very weird considering we’ve never actually met!

  17. Erica Velasco

    I know how that goes!

  18. Erik Maziarz

    hang in there!

  19. Brendon

    Wow, what an exciting time in your lives. I know you’ll find the right place, you deserve the best.

  20. feuza

    catching up with your blog posts, have had limited access, thought of you when I visited West Haven in Tn, beautiful homes, living the good life- God Bless you

  21. karen

    Chaos!!!!! Hope things come together this time. Lucky my husband came w/ a house, or we’d be pulling our hair out, too!

  22. Chris Young

    Congrats on getting the offer accepted, sometimes that is the hardest part!!! Will cross my fingers for you on the inspection. Sounds like a fabulous place!

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