January 12, 2011


I stood in front of the room and my feet throbbed in my brand new boots. And I was pretty sure my pinkie toe had lost all circulation. Although that wasn’t nearly as distracting as the pounding in my chest. Soon, it was all that I could hear. My darn tell tale heart. My mind was racing and my mouth went dry, despite the venti Starbucks I was nursing. It had been a couple of months since we had last stood in front of a room like this, and in that split-second it felt like everything was gone. I couldn’t remember anything, including my own name. Let alone how to be witty. Or to banter.

So I started with the obvious. “What’s up Minnesooooota. Your state is coooold.”

Crickets. Six foot tall crickets.

Ok. Fall down six times, get back up seven. I made a snap decision to ditch my Tina Fey “I can see Russia from my house” line, and moved on to the intro.

And honesty. Because when all else fails, let there be honesty.

I thanked them for being them. For being there. And for allowing us to fly across the country, chasing this dream we love. Because they did that. They made it happen.

And from the bottom of my heart, I thanked them. Because I knew that it was true.

And somehow, things just got better after that. The words just seemed to find me somewhere in cold, snowy Minnesota.

Because I think no matter where you are in this life… honesty is the universal language.

Stay tuned later today for our next installment of Pancakes!

  1. Ed Congdon

    And the honesty was so obvious in your voice. You were so close to tears while discussing a couple of the photos in your presentation, you almost had me going with you. Loved, loved, LOVED seeing you, hearing you, meeting you…

  2. Dawn McCarthy

    So true. So very true! Glad you made it through and hopefully regained circulation in your pinkie toe. ;-)

  3. Rupa

    I do believe in a parallel universe…every time I read one of your posts, it has been the story of my life lately and the words are so appropriate to what I am going through! So good to see these words written out…gives me faith to let me know that what I believe in which is honesty & integrity is a valuable asset and always will be!

  4. Karen Taggart

    Maybe since it is so cold it sometimes takes us a while to "warm up"? :) I loved your presentation! I am more of the "sit back and absorb" type than the "woohoo!" type, but I enjoyed you just the same. Thank you for coming to speak to us. It was truly inpirational!

  5. Lydia

    And because boots and a skinny belt work it out!

  6. Kare

    I bet it was as fabulous as you guys look!

  7. Christopher Geller

    The Boots totally rocked and so did Justin’s vest!

  8. David Grupa

    You were genuine . . . and that’s what people want (I mean, you said so yourself!)

    Thanks again for an awesome presentation! **woohoo!**

  9. Tom Ward

    You two were great! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come all the way to MN and help cheer us up in the middle of winter :)

  10. Molly

    Side note… Im loving your outfit! Thats all :)

  11. Katie Thering Berger

    LOVED you guys at TCPPA! And Mary, I was totally thinking "how in the heck is she standing in those boots for so long"! They were super cute, though!

    Working on a new blog and cooking up lots of ideas to personalize our business even more :) Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

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