June 8, 2015

How Do You DO It All??


It’s come up in a bunch of conversations lately. In email, in person, on Instagram. The medium doesn’t really matter, it’s the conversation that’s the same. And the question goes a little something like this…”So wait, you guys are running THREE blogs?” OR “How many days have you been home this month? FIVE?” OR “So now you’re going to add writing a BOOK to this list too??” And however it’s asked, it’s always followed up the same way: How do you guys do it all? (no seriously I need to know, HOW?)

The truth is, there are a lot of moving parts that fall under the parent umbrella of Marantz Inc. (that’s not really the name of our business, fyi). We have no less than 8 sort of “mini businesses” that operate in our day to day. We have our actual photography business, in person workshops, our J&M Store, Mentoring Sessions, Speaking Engagements, The Black Tie Bride, The Well Groomed Groom, and the very soon forthcoming Black Tie List. Whew, that’s enough to fill any day. And so the other truth that goes along with it, is that the real secret is we DON’T do it all ourselves. We have assembled an incredible team around us, and we are only as good as they are. Here’s just a small glimpse into all the people who make up Team Marantz:

We have our editor Emily who takes care of ALL of our editing, including weddings & portrait shoots like J&M Anniversaries. We have a VA (virtual assistant) Kristin who runs our life remotely. We have an album design team (Align Album Design who rock our world! Use that link to get 50% off your first design with them!!) We have a full time editor for The BTB & WGG. We have a bookkeeper who manages our books month to month & sends us reports for how we’re doing. We have a cleaning crew who cleans our house every week (clean sheet Tuesday!). We have an incredible planner (Stacie & Erica of Stacie Shea Events) who plan & organize all of our workshops. And I now have a creative coach (Coach Kim) who keeps me on track with goal setting and getting stuff DONE!


(Hey, it’s never too early to start recruiting the next member of our team! Train em early, train em right! :)

So good for us, right. :) But why should YOU care about that? Here’s why: every single time we let go of something and bring someone on to free us up, our business grows. Exponentially. The simple truth is, you can’t GROW your business if you never get out of MAINTAINING it. If all you ever are is the worker bee in your own business, then you will never be the CEO & visionary of it that you could be (the Queen Bee if you will! Or Queen Bey, even better). As crazy as it seems, we always end up MAKING more money by paying someone to do the things we don’t need to do. And it’s pretty cool that this little business of ours is feeding in to all of their families too. So how do you know if you’re ready to let go of some things in your business and bring people on to your team? Here are 3 things to think about.

1. Look at how you’re spending most of your work day. Be honest, if the hours in your day were a pie chart, how much of it would be devoted to things that don’t grow your business or make you money? For most people it’s 90% maintaining and 0-10% growth. We need to FLIP that. If you’re not the one growing your business, who will?

2. Don’t grow to let go, Let Go to Grow. That was a weird sentence. :) But the point is we hear from people ALL the time that they “aren’t there yet” with bringing on people to help. They think they have to GROW their business before they can let things go. But the real truth is, it’s the exact opposite. Letting go of the things that you don’t HAVE to be the one doing them, frees you up to be the one meeting with people, dreaming for your business, working on the BIG projects that will book you more jobs and get your name out there.  Say it with me now: Editing will never do that. Teaching yourself QuickBooks will never do that. And surfing Facebook will definitely never do that.

3. Quit Something. Anytime we’re thinking about bringing someone else on, I always just ask myself if I HAVE to be the one doing this. And the the fact is, there are very few things where the answer to that is a Yes. Dreaming, writing, speaking, teaching, pushing the button on the camera. Those are about the only things where I HAVE to be the one doing them. Everything else is up for grabs. I know that can be scary at first, so start with just one thing. Pick just ONE thing that you really don’t want to do any more and hire someone else to do it. This week. Just pull the trigger & get it done. And then next week, maybe you’ll do another one. And then another and another. Pretty soon, you’ll be letting go of things like a BOSS!

Bob Goff has this great thing where he quits something every Thursday. I LOVE that. It’s the constant narrowing of focus where he does only the things that he was CREATED to do. What would happen if you narrowed focus like that?

I know it’s not Thursday, but why don’t you go ahead and QUIT something anyway!

Go rock it out!

  1. Carissa

    I’m such a control freak that I have a hard time with quitting something… Needed this validation today that it’s ok, scratch that, IMPORTANT to let go of things!!

  2. Sarah Bradshaw

    SHOUTING AMEN!!!!!! I’m about to hire my first office assistant, and I can’t even TELL you how much I wish I’d done this two years ago (when my mother first told me I needed to).

  3. Shalese

    This is so encouraging. This little tiny voice in the back of my mind knows I need to bring on someone who can assist with me on wedding days, but I’ve been ignoring that voice! Thank you for sharing some encouragement and business wisdom to help me LISTEN to that little voice. :)

  4. Katie

    Love this post Mary!! It’s so true. I’ve known for a long time you surround yourself with an amazing team but I still find myself wondering sometimes if you ever sleep! :)

  5. Christy Tyler

    YES to the yes yes!!! When we started outsourcing our editing a couple years ago – oh my word – it was amazing! It made such a huge difference in our clients’ experience and brought us more work (not to mention sanity)! Now I’m thinking more about what else we can have someone else do… hmmmm….

  6. Rici

    Oh Wow you guys have been seriously doing so great growing and expanding since the last time you shared how you do it all!! Incredible! Well done! Loved your tips of letting go to grow! Thank you Mary!!

  7. katie

    this was exactly what i needed to hear today! why does moving towards growth always seem so counterintuitive?! thanks for taking the time to write this.

  8. Dana todd

    I so am ready to let go of manly things and start one bride one bringing peeps on….but my question….how do you pay someone or take that step when you dont have the funds to do so? And where do yoy find people?

  9. Paula

    Hi Mary! After experiencing a huge burn out with affected our business, we’re currently looking into hiring a VA.

    When you say your VA “runs your remote life”, what do you exactly outsource to her? :) And how you guys got started outsourcing to your VA?

    Thank you so much!!

  10. Sara Harper

    How did you find Emily?! I need help with editing!

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