November 18, 2015

How Purpose Forever Changed Our Pricing


We just left the Creative at Heart conference in Charleston to drive to Virginia to teach our two-day Walk Through a Wedding workshop in Hampton Roads. And while we were driving I was thinking more about what I had just spoken about at the conference which was How to Make Your Work Worth More…with a BIG emphasis on that word worth. 

I think a lot of times when we’re trying to figure out our pricing and what to charge, we tend to focus on that word “more.” But something really powerful happens when we shift our perspective just a little bit and put all of our energy into that word “worth.” When we focus on being committed to our craft, on creating true art that will last for generations, and in knowing the WHY behind why we’re doing all of it…something really changes. We start to create things that people can just feel are worth the investment. We’ve talked a LOT about our Why here on this blog, and if you haven’t yet you can read more about it HERE. But the basic idea is that when we take photos, we aren’t just taking them for that one day. We are taking these photos for the next 62-and-a-half years and for all the generations that will come after that. Suddenly, when we know that what we are doing is going to create something that will be held by a family for generations, then we start to put more worth on what we are doing.

In addition to our Why, we also have a We Believe page on our site. Here it is:

we believe

And suddenly when you pair that powerful purpose & Why with a We Believe statement that lays out what you stand for so clearly, then the really big change starts to happen and that’s because Purpose Creates Confidence. When we know that the work that we do is never just for the wedding day, but something people are investing in for a lifetime and even longer, then we can include statements like “we believe photography is an investment” and “your story is worth investing in” and “we create things that were made to last.” And that confidence in knowing what you’re worth makes it a lot easier to have the confidence to raise prices and stick with it as you grow. 


So here’s to being committed to always making our work worth more, and to putting first the idea that these images have to last a lifetime!

Go rock it out friends!

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