June 20, 2011

How You Spend Your Days…

We sat cross-legged on worn wooden slats, and leaned out further on a safety net of nautical rope to inhale cool, salt air. To breathe in deeply. Both life…and the air. We raised a glass and toasted to life not unnoticed. To moments that weren’t passing us by. To holding on to every second while it counted. And to coming up with just one more Titanic or Speed 2 reference than the other one could before the trip was over. In short, yesterday we lived.

See, last year we swore to ourselves that just once we would make it out on the ship Quinnipiack before its season was over. And day by day, May to September, we watched that season pass away. We were too busy. Too scheduled. There was too much work and not enough day. And we let life get in the way of living.

And deep down we knew that something had to give.

Because how you spend your days is how you spend your life.

So this year we’ve been trying. Trying not to bolt upright in bed every morning thinking about all the work to be done, but instead to spend some time soaking in the pillows. Trying not to treat dinner like just one more thing on our to-do list, but a chance to chop basil side by side. And to slow dance in the kitchen in our bare feet. Trying not to just get through our days, but to really live every one. To make every one count.

Because how you spend your days is how you spend your life.

And if yesterday is any indication….life is good.

  1. Sarah

    Amen!! I have so been there and am there right now. Drowning…that is…something has to give.

  2. Isaac Stott

    Love it Mary! So true, so very true!

  3. Elizabeth and Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography

    I came across a quote the other day that I think you would enjoy… ;)… "Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." – Omar Khayyam Cheers to living life!

  4. Jennifer

    Absolutely loved this post! What a wonderful reminder to enjoy our days. So glad I happened across this today.

  5. Kellee

    Loved reading this. Thanks!

  6. Stephanie Stewart

    I don’t remember exactly how I found you guys a few years ago, but I’m so glad I did! Love this post…it’s soooo true. I need to remember this. My hubby and I both have our own businesses, and I can totally relate to checking off a meal as part of a to-do list…not fun! Thank you for reminding me to make every minute count.

  7. Jenny Dewey

    I love this. Mary, you are so refreshing and inspiring!! I needed this today, thank you!

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