September 18, 2012

Hudson Valley Wedding: Stephanie & Stu

She rounded the corner to peek in the mirror just one. more. time. She smoothed the fabric on the front of her dress, and a deep breath gave way to a huge smile. She was getting married. Today. Their day. The months had turned into days had turned into minutes. And now their time was here. The dress, the hair, the makeup were all in place. All that was left, all that she needed was him.

As she rounded the corner, he fought the temptation to peek just one. more. time When she finally got to him, he smoothed the hair back from the side of her face and a deep breath gave way to a huge smile. This was it. They were getting married. Today. Their day. In a second, he could see the days stretching out into months and into years ahead of them. Their time was just starting here. The archway, the music, the guests were all in place. And from now and for the rest of his days he knew….

All he needed was her.

Married: Stephanie & Stu

Stephanie & Stu were married on a day when the sky itself lit up and put on a show in their honor. A parade of pink, purple and blue settled in over the sleepy valley below, and took their seats as they watched two people start a life together. Together with their friends & family, Stephanie & Stu promised forever. And when they were done, even the sky itself couldn’t help but shed a tear or two. S&S it was our honor to be your photographers, but it is honestly a much bigger honor to be your friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having us there with you on your day. My hope is that you will love like this always. Holding on to one another, and with a lifetime full of the kind of sunsets you inspired that day.

So much love,

**Gorgeous blooms by Steve Bruce Designs!

  1. Tiffany Bolk

    Wow! That ceremony at sunset photo is awesome! And I love their Chuppah!

  2. Whitney

    I love how your images are deep and dramatic. They are emotional and real without the reliance on blown out highlights and barely focused faces. Lovely.

  3. Monika Eisenbart


  4. Katie Yuen

    So beautiful. I love seeing every bride that chooses you, in a classic justin and mary image. It’s so beautiful, yet so different every time. I could see it from a mile away.

  5. Ellen Krugel

    These are awesome photos!! I loved reliving that amazing night. Beautiful bride, happy couple! xoxooxoxxox

  6. Craig

    Even more beautiful than I remember!

  7. Marie

    Love the photos! Truly beautiful representation of a beautiful day and fantastic couple. Mazel Tov, Steph and Stu!!

  8. Cindy Smilowitz

    Once again, awesome photos. So special that you were both there to share this wonderful wedding with us. Looking forward to seeing more…. Love- Cindy

  9. Debbie

    Beyond wonderful! Can’t wait to see more!

  10. Rachel McCloud

    SO beautiful. I love their chuppa. so gorgeous. Congratulations Stephanie and Stu :)

  11. Danielle Acken

    sigh…… Perfection.

  12. rich

    such beautiful storytelling – leaves me speechless

  13. Kari Jeanne

    Gorgeous. Simply, amazingly, gorgeous.

  14. Derek

    Amazing photos as usual. You guys did a stellar job capturing the magic that was there that night. Two incredible people becoming one perfect couple. I’m glad you guys did what you do best, and made all the intangible parts of the evening into something that Stu and Steph can cherish for the rest of their lives together.

  15. Merali Drucker

    The photos are amazing, so beautiful. Your photographers captured so many precious moments. Looking forward to seeing more.

  16. Rici

    So beautiful!! I really like her MomĀ“s eyes in one of the Getting Ready pictures! So many beautiful faces!! ~ Saluti.

  17. Lisa

    Wonderful memories of a beautiful wedding!!

  18. Girish

    Beautiful photographs. Lovely.
    So many emotions, well photographed.

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