January 15, 2009

I {HEART} Jim!

After a winter break that seemed to drag on forever, The Office is FINALLY all new tonight!! I’ve got my “I Heart Jim” mug and some take out Chilis all ready and raring to go. T minus 2 hrs 45 mins and counting!! Can I get a “That’s what she said” from all you Office fans out there?!? Hoo-ra!

  1. Justin Marantz

    …Jim eh? I’m not sure how I feel about that. Well maybe I should get a "I {heart} Pam Beesley Mug… Babe! :-P

  2. Justin Marantz

    haha.. I love that it says Jan at the end of my last comment!

  3. Val McCormick Photography

    LOL, you two are funny :-P Have fun watching the premier! Enjoy yummy Chilis too :-)

  4. Ashley Rose

    OOOHHHH I actually have something I think you will love :) I dont want to ruin the surprise or anything but email me if you want a super secret JIM gifty! Hubby’s need to understand the LOVE of Jim :)

  5. Dennis Bullock

    I cant wait!

  6. Christopher

    All I have to say is Good Luck!

  7. Joy Moody

    That’s what she said! I will be curled up on the couch watching as well. Maybe in my Justin and Mary blanket that I need to mail back to you! :)

  8. robert Norman

    thats RIGHT—that’s tonight!!! TIVO is all set and raring to go!

  9. Erik Maziarz


  10. ~Lori Diane Photography

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the commenting on my daughter’s pic! She is the youngest of four and has us wrapped around her finger!

  11. Caroline Ghetes

    Hi! I just saw a comment you left on my blog, which I appreciate BTW, and had to follow your link and what do I see? That you are as big a fan as I am of the Office. Best Show EVER!

  12. Krista Photography

    I love the mug! I love Jim! I love the Office! looove :)

  13. Kelli M

    Ok if I wasn’t married to my husband I’d be married to Jim. Not John Krasinski, Jim Halpert.

  14. Julie Ann

    Ahh, I must have that mug! It’s awesome! I’d love to start my day with that in my hand every morning….
    …that’s what she said! ;)

    haha…i know…waaay corny!

  15. Stef

    omg that mug is HILARIOUS!!! You go, girl!

  16. j.

    OMG – sooooo jealous! I *heart* jim more than anyone…but my t-shirt didn’t make it to Australia after being ordered :(

  17. Crystal

    beer me one of those mugs, please. ;)

  18. Dave

    Favorite Quote from tonight’s show:
    "If I’m standing I can disable his eyes and groin" – Dwight Shrute

  19. joe Cogliandro

    Thanks for coming by our site… The underwater housing is Fabulous and opens doors to shoots that I had not even thought of. Big fans of Ya’lls work.


  20. Caroline Ghetes

    "That’s stupid, my weapon will be a sword and I will cut off your bare hands!"- Dwight (sorry. I had to.)

  21. Mary Marantz

    LOL!!! This episode ROCKED!! In fact, I’m going to watch it again now on DVR!

  22. Lori Moss

    That’s what she said!

  23. Ryan

    learn your rules learn your rules… if you don’t… you will be eaten in your sleep… CHOMP!

  24. john waire

    oh no…i can’t believe the bobble-head got trashed. what a great episode. can’t wait til next time….and on that note, ‘that’s what she said’.


  25. Onsite Minnesota, Minneapolis

    That’s what she said! We have it recorded, waiting for for us to watch. I didn’t know a new one was coming out, so it was a Tivo surprise! Thanks for the comment on our blog.

  26. Mary Marantz

    @ Ryan: LOL!!!!! That was my FAVORITE part of the whole episode!

  27. Kristen

    Don’t cross me, people, or I’ll hit you with my Prius!! LOL…I heart the Office. :)

  28. moraima

    hahah!! it was a surprised for me too, i didn’t know it was a new one. and i don’t have the i *heart* jim mug, but we also had Chilis last night while watching the show!!

  29. Cailyn Huston

    I’m going to need a I <3 Dwight mug. He is my favorite.

  30. Mary Marantz

    LOL…hmmm not sure if they make that one yet or not!

  31. Amanda T.

    I don’t kow you guys at all except from your site but I actually thought of you at about 8:58 when I practically hung up on my friend to run in and watch "The Office" I knew you all would be doing the same. :) Great episode!

  32. Melissa

    Too funny!

  33. claire

    I also heart Jim….and the office….but do you have a Dwight bobblehead??

  34. erin harvey

    seriously, that episode was great. "why isn’t he moving?… the prius is silent under 5mph." i can’t get enough!

  35. Kellan

    WAYYY late on commenting on this, but it would be a sin not to pay homage to The Office for tonight’s episode. My favorite moment of the episode "My philosophy is basically this and this is something I live by and I always have and I always will. don’t ever for any reason do anything to anyone for any reason ever, no matter what, no matter where or who or who you are with or where you are going or where you have been. EVER, for any reason whatsoever."

  36. Vic

    The office rocks!!!!!

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