May 23, 2014

I Love You and I Like You Too

Dear M,

Today is a special day! This is the 10th time I’ve had the chance to celebrate May 23rd for the amazing day that it is… the day you came into the world! So today, I want to tell you that even after the almost 10 years we’ve been together, I love you & I like you too!

I love you & I like you because you sing in the shower like no one can hear you. You’re fearless and amazing!

I love you & I like you because you take such great care of our family. You’re willing to clean out Cooper’s ears, and shave him when he gets a hot spot in the summer time.

I love you & I like you every time I walk out the door and you tell me to “Wear your seatbelt, go slow, check your blindspot, and stay in the right lane” even if I’m only driving down the street.

I love you & I like you because you always make us take a walk on the sea wall. It’s calming, refreshing, and always needed to recharge our souls.

I love you & I like you because you take comfort in traditions… like brunch at Atticus on Sunday mornings or watching Bones while we eat dinner. Could there be a stranger way to start a meal that with a gooey murder?

I love you & I like you because we have entire conversations where we fully understand each other while you rinse with mouthwash.

And most of all I love you & I like you because there is no one else I’d rather spend every day with, especially May 23rd!


photo by: Emilia Jane

  1. Brooke

    And here I was thinking I was the only one to watch Bones while eating!! :)

    Happy birthday, Mary!

  2. Evie Perez

    You guys are just adorable as can be!!!! Happy BDay Mary!!!!

  3. Emilia Jane

    Happy Birthday Mary! Love you!! <3

  4. Jennifer Hejna

    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Mary ! You 2 are just too adorable. Love both your "I love you & I like you" posts <3

  5. Katelyn James

    awwww I LOVE this Justin!! AND I love you Mary! Happy birthday!! You’re one incredible woman!!!!

  6. sharon elizabeth

    mehhh – so cute!!! LOLed at the mouth wash part! hahaha! happy birthday sweet friend <3

  7. Alicia Sturdy

    You guys are precious, I love how you love each other. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY! Like I always say, folks born in May are the best kinda people ;)

  8. colleen

    a very happy birthday to you Mary….thanks to both of you for sharing so much….techniques, products, beautiful photos, and your love….

  9. christina

    Ive been browsing your site and i’m slightly obsessed with how adorable and awesome you two are. Thank you for inspiring.

  10. Christina


  11. Susan Evans

    Happy belated birthday, Mary! Lovely post, Justin.

  12. Jen Pringle

    Happy Birthday Mary. I want to be one of your friends…what an awesome week. PS- Where did you get the anchor sweater?

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