August 27, 2012

I Love You, Man.

Justin is the kind of guy who just naturally makes friends wherever he goes.

The grocery store, our regular lunch place, the car repair shop…wherever he goes, chances are he’s going to strike up a conversation with somebody. Once, when he went to the post office, he met a guy who was sort of interested in photography… so he invited him back to our house to look at old cameras. Wait. Hold on. That’s not enough emphasis…let’s try that again. So he INVITED HIM BACK TO OUR HOUSE!!!! to look at old cameras. Why hello, Charles Manson. Let me show you where we keep the spare key!

A few days ago when I was working at my desk, I looked up to see Justin out our front window mowing our neighbor’s lawn. He was wearing his protective eye wear and be-bopping his way in a criss-cross pattern toward the sidewalk, smiling the whole time. The next day, she thanked us profusely in baked goods.

You guys, I married Pollyanna.

So it should come as no surprise, that Justin & our grooms often strike up a bromance. I Love You, Man style. They can talk baseball, cars, Apple products. Spout of random sports trivia ’til the cows come home. And I think that’s because our grooms are usually the exact same kind of stand up, friendly, easy going, mow your neighbor’s lawn because her hip is hurting and it’s the right thing to do sort of guys that Justin is. And I love that about them.

At yesterday’s wedding, Justin was hanging out with our groom, Anthony, when the conversation turned (as these things normally do) to variations on the traditional fist bump. Justin had just demonstrated the fist bump jelly fish, when I grabbed these couple of shots of Anthony firing right back with the fist bump snail. Neither of which could I ever possible describe and give full justice to, so we’ll just have to save it to show you in person the next time we see you.

Where rest assured, Justin will inevitable strike up the first conversation. And possibly also mow your lawn.

  1. Jenn Lawlor

    I was laughing the whole way through this blog post…okay maybe not the total stranger coming to the house part. ;) One day I must meet the 2 of you!!! LoL

  2. Emilia Jane

    Bahaha this is AMAZING!

  3. malika luthra

    OMG Arjun is the same exact way! He’ll strike up a conversation with just about anyone, anywhere — which I guess makes sense given he’s one of your grooms :) Although I can’t say I’ve experienced him inviting a total stranger over to the house but I’m sure that day can’t be too far away…

  4. Lauren Wakefield

    First bump snail….say wha? I need to know about this immediately.

  5. Deborah Zoe

    absolutely adorable:)

  6. Christy Tyler

    I LOVE IT! And James totally does the same thing! He is so much more outgoing and open with total strangers than I’ve ever been – and it is great to witness/learn from! I’m amazed at how people gravitate towards him, and apparently you feel the same way about Justin! Love it! :) So sweet!

  7. Jen

    My husband once invited an entire Indy band we had seen at a small concert hall to sleep at our apartment!! Are you kidding me?! And he won’t stop cutting our neighbors yards in the summer because ours doesn’t take long enough and he really likes cutting the grass. We married the same man, different countries.
    PS- thankfully the band said no.

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