June 5, 2011

If You’ve Never Felt Like Quitting…

This morning I stood in a sea of thousands (more on that to come) and listened to these words….

And wow, I felt like they were being spoken just to me. Like I was wearing a big sign around my neck right there in the third row of the Compaq Center that said “Quitter,” “Giver Up-er,” “Doubter of Destiny.” What can I say….it was a really big sign.

But at the same time I know that we all feel this way from time to time. And sometimes we just need to be reminded that it is exactly when we feel like giving up, exactly those moments when we doubt it the most, that it is in those times when we are standing within finger tips reach of everything we ever dreamed for. Today if you’re in that place where you feel like giving up, where you feel like the world is stacked against you….I hope you’ll just take that as proof that you dared to dream big dreams. That you were brave enough to wish for un-ordinary. That you chose to do more with your one wild and precious life.

And that everything you’re fighting for is close enough to touch… if you’ll just keep pressing on.

  1. ashleigh

    thanks mary!! totally needed this today :)

  2. Jil

    YES. this was me 3 days ago … i couldnt formulate these words exactly, but this feels right

  3. Jessica

    Thanks for writing this and for that little piece of encouragement when the negative thinking is all we heard inside sometimes. I needed this reminder. Very well said. God bless you!

  4. Ashley Terry

    Love this! Wow, I feel like you were sending this out just when I needed to hear it.

  5. Shannon Rosan

    Very beautifully said :)

  6. aliy

    love it!

  7. Carly Rodgers

    You certainly picked your moment to put that message out. EXACTLY when I needed to hear it. Thank you!

  8. Lynn


    You know, when I’m driving someplace I’ve never been via directions from the interwebs, I start getting this feeling that I’ve gone too far, I’ve missed the turn, I’m lost. But if i continue on just two more blocks {or sometimes, miles} my destination is right there, on the right.

  9. Christa

    Very encouraging :)

  10. Sara

    I needed this today.


  11. Stephanie Stewart

    Wonderful encouragement! It’s nice to know others feel this way at times! Thank you, thank you!

  12. Ava Martinez

    love the post, thanks for sharing…

  13. Katelyn James

    So important to dream big! … & making sure your dreams are a part of the Lord’s purpose and plan for your life is the only way we’ll EVER feel satisfied. He wants us to prosper and conquer our goals… but only if it brings Him glory…..I keep learning this the hard way :) So I’m going to keep pressing on, but not for "my" goals and for "my" dreams… I want to think BIGGER than me…. a lot bigger. At the end of the day, my business, my family my talent and even my DREAMS can be stripped away in an instant….so I’m going to put my hope in something more eternal and greater than anything I could ever be….that’s where my dreams start to come true. Jeremiah 29:11

  14. Evie Perez

    Wow! Thanks for reminding me that I am normal. That what I am doing is right. I wondered if there was something wrong with me because I’ve felt like quitting. This just proves that what I am doing will pay off in the long run :) Hugs and Kisses!

  15. Kristen Wheeler

    wow. truer words have never been spoken Mary!!! Thanks for the post and the reflection on ourselves and our dreams. =)

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