November 21, 2008

Interview on F-Stop Beyond!!

Yep, it’s official. Callers we are taking no more votes. The results are in and it’s now become clear that… Ron Dawson Rocks!!! Yea, in a pretty big way. Rocks our world, rocks AND rolls, rock-a-feller…. ummm he ROCKS! We first got to meet Ron at PartnerCon in LA this year, and it’s pretty safe to say it was love at first sight. Never have I met a more genuine, down to earth, put-you-right-at-ease person in my life! So when we got the chance to do an interview with him for his podcast “F-Stop Beyond,” we pretty much jumped at the chance. Well, more like did a triple backhand spring into a perfect ten twist dismount….but you get the idea! So if you get the chance head on over HERE and check out all the fun…and the tears…and the deeply philosophical questions which I was TOTALLY unprepared for! :)

We love you Ron!! Thank you SO much for everything!! And just in case you haven’t heard….you rock!!

  1. Amanda Herzberger

    You guys are too stinking cute – I love it! I love the story about prom night and had to go back and look at the photos again. We love you guys!!

  2. Jensey

    Mary- My husband and I have officially decided your voice twin is Pam from The Office! I love it! :)

  3. Mary Marantz

    LOL! that’s hilarious! and awesome…especially if that means I get Jim too! :P

    j/k jus!!

  4. Stacey Gresham

    You guys are such an inspiration! I loved getting to learn more about YOU since I am already in love with your photos! By the way, you absolutely made my day (or my year) by spreading the blog love and commenting! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  5. Kate Brewer

    OK seriously these pictures are sooo adorable! they look so happy! and also i’m sure the fact that you take amazing pictures helped!!!

  6. Cathy and David Photographers

    THAT’S AWESOME!!! Here’s hoping we can be on there someday. :)

  7. Ron Dawson

    It was a fantastic interview. I love it whenever I get a chance to talk movies and philosophy.

    Thanks for all your support.

  8. carla ten eyck

    you guys were great! I love how he got you all chocked up Miss Mary- I could just SEE you fanning yo’ self!


  9. Lydia

    I have it downloaded on my iPod; can’t wait to listen to it!

  10. Robin Dini

    so cool to listen to guys! Congrats!!!

  11. MattDJ

    Hey guys! Listening to the p-cast as-I-type-this and I just had to head over here to tell you that this is an awesome interview! Thanks for your raw honesty and for just being J&M. :-)

  12. Mary Marantz

    Thanks Matt!!

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