August 12, 2015

Introducing: J&M Mentoring for Speakers!!


One of the things that we’ve really learned in our business over the past few years, is to pay attention to the needs of other business owners & creatives that we see coming up over again and again….and then try to find a way to help with it. Over the past few years and especially the past six months, we have had a LOT of people reaching out to us to see if we would ever do mentoring sessions entirely devoted to learning how to be a better speaker and then to break into that speaking world.

These have come from authors who are suddenly put in a place of having to also do speaking engagements, conference founders or organizers who also want to be able to give stronger opening keynotes, and a lot of fellow photographers & wedding creatives who have the bHag (big, hairy, AUDACIOUS goal!) of eventually speaking at the conferences they’ re now attending in their industries, but they have no idea where to even start! And this is something we have a LOT of experience in.

Over the past few years in our business, we have learned so much about what makes a powerful speaker and what has other people sweating it out on stage. And we’ve learned that by being right there in trenches ourselves. We have spoken at WPPI seven times now, done international conferences like the Dutch Wedding Congress, been asked to be a core returning annual speaker for the Pursuit Conference, done three national tours including one bus tour, and also did an international four-city tour in Germany. Not to mention, close to a hundred workshops over the past 7 years! Plus, I actually went to college on a debate scholarship, so I learned so much about being a persuasive speaker there!

We have been noticing for a while that there really isn’t a lot of education out there for people who have been in business for a while, and are making their way from getting started to now crossing over to be the next generation of leaders. And that’s really what our heart for this is: to help mentor the next wave of leaders to help them hone a powerful message, full of original content, and communicate stories that matter. Enter the brand new J&M Speaker Sessions!!

What are the J&M Speaker Sessions?

These are like our regular J&M Mentoring Sessions, except with an interesting twist: the three hours we regularly do will be broken up into two sessions and it will all be focused on  becoming a better speaker. In the first two hour session we will talk through all things needed for a powerful talk, including structure, organization, the elements of compelling storytelling, anchoring your message, pace, cadence, and connecting with the audience. In addition, we’ll also walk through the specifics of YOUR message, building your platform, and getting your foot in the door for speaking opportunities. Then comes the fun part! The second session will occur one month later, at which point you will actually get to present a 25 minute version of the talk that you’ve been working on, where we can give really specific feedback on what works, how to make it stronger, and what speaking elements to focus on next. Ahhh we are SO excited about this!

**Since this is something brand new, we are only going to open up FOUR spots in the Fall! If you want to be one of the first, be sure to head over HERE and lock in your spot!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    so exciting you guys!!! this is so perfect!

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