April 26, 2012

Introducing Walk Through Sydney: True Blue & Tweed

Good morning & Happy Thursday!!

Today, as we’re about to start the second day of our Thirst Relief Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M Workshop, we are so SO excited to get to start unveiling to you some of the killer details we have in the works for our Sydney Walk Through!! I seriously can’t believe that in just two weeks, Justin & I will be standing on Australian soil. Honestly, the whole thing just doesn’t seem real to me. Growing up, I was the kid where it was a really big deal for our family if we got in the car and actually drove to a state that didn’t touch ours for vacation. And that time we made it all the way to Alabama to visit space camp, we thought we had pretty much seen the world.

And now, Justin & I are building this crazy life together where we actually get to. See the world, that is.

So right about now, I’m pretty much feeling like I’m the luckiest girl on the planet. And I’ve got the space camp badges to prove it. :)

First things first, I’m ready to unveil our theme and the absolutely gorgeous board Julia put together for us…..drumroll please!!!

Introducing: True Blue & Tweed


Julia is already in the works creating all of our killer details based off of this board, which we’re not quite ready to unveil yet. But I can tell you this, we’re picturing all things soft & pretty for a sophisticated waterfront soiree meets a casual walk about town on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And swizzle sticks. Oh yes, there WILL be swizzle sticks.:)

The next thing is, we had originally started looking out of the city for our venue. But as soon as we had our theme locked down, we knew there could be no better fit than the absolutely gorgeous Ripples in Chowder Bay. Just check out that view!


All the getting ready portion of the first day and all of the second day is going to be taking place at the super swanky Vibe Hotel in North Sydney just minutes away from Chowder Bay, and we are working on securing a group rate for anyone who wants to stay there as well.

And the final piece of super exciting news we’re so thrilled to announce, is that Walk Through will now be officially AIPP accredited so for all of you AIPP members, this will count toward your annual membership requirements as well!!

Whew! Crazy, crazy stuff! But we could not be more excited about all that’s in store! If you haven’t signed up yet, we would LOVE to see you there! And you can grab your seat by clicking on the cart below!

  1. Heidi

    True Blue and Tweed! Love!!! I hope you do this next year too, would love to go!

  2. Stephanie Stewart

    So beautiful! And I cannot wait to see the magic you guys capture in Australia! Julia, can’t wait to see your killer details!!!

  3. molly

    lovelovelove that inspiration board and that photo is GORGEOUS!

  4. Rebekah

    I am so jealous. We just returned from there a few months ago and I am already wanting to go back. Be sure to make time for a ferry boat ride around the Opera House at night … BEAUTIFUL!

  5. jaime+Chase

    Absolutely amazing!! This looks like a dream come true for you both!! Take time to relax and enjoy your time in Australia!!! xoxo

  6. Jessica

    When we were at your house for the Live Chat in December I took notes, lots and lots of notes. Those notes included some of your goals. It is so delightful to watch as you go through your list, checking off your goals and following through on your dreams. You guys are truly an inspiration.

  7. Kristin

    Gorgeous theme!

  8. Girl in the White Dress

    So excited about all of this and above all to meet you in person. Can’t wait, I know it’s going to be amazing!

  9. Faith Cherisse

    The theme is so Beautiful!! I have no doubt that this will be over the top amazing!!

  10. Anastasia

    this looks AMAZING!!! Can’t wait!!!

  11. Spring

    I should have had Julia plan my whole wedding ;) Wish I was going with you guys!!! Have so much fun XOXO

  12. Belinda

    Eeep! So excited J&M. Can’t wait to see you in Sydney :)

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