November 10, 2009

Introduction: Angela & Andrew

Alright, Happy Tuesday!! I hope you have made your Starbucks run, brewed that cup of tea, or found some hot cocoa mix in the back of the cabinet… and you are now ready to settle in for a day FULL of Angela & Andrew eye candy overload. While we are here trucking away trying to get all these posts ready to go, feast your eyes on this little scene setter to get yourself in the mood!

Check back often…we’ll be here!

  1. nicole

    You guys continually make me wish I could get married again so you could shoot it again. You’re so inspitring!

  2. Chelsea Nicole

    Ooo, Quite beautiful. Can’t wait to see some more!

  3. Susannah

    I want to go there! What a fairytale wedding…in a CASTLE!

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