January 7, 2013

It Begins

The day began early, as these sorts of days normally do. We awoke in the darkness to the sound of an impatient, insistent alarm calling us forward. Onward. To the path that we had chosen. Out of the shadows, the light from a single lamp post cast a hopeful beam across the floor boards and lit up the sight of the softly falling snow below. I pressed my head to the cool, calm pane of the window and part of me just wanted to stay there forever. In that moment. Where it was safe. Where it was warm. Where the known and the familiar were far more comforting than the uncertain and new.

But here’s the thing.

All those dreams you & I have been meaning to chase? All those adventures we’ve been meaning to live out loud? They live out there in cold, uncertain and new. Those dreams don’t care about what makes us comfortable, and they’re not bothered by what we’ve always done. Instead, they demand that we get up early. That we get out and get to work and get it done.

That we write 10,000 wrong words before we find the 500 right ones. That we take 1,000 mediocre shots before we arrive at just one we’re really proud of. That we work for months on a talk that will last just a couple of hours. Because that 1% of your best, is worth the other 99% it took to get there. These dreams require that we forge out into the darkness. Sit in cold airports. And hover over stale coffee. They require that we pack three weeks of our lives into a single suitcase, get on a plane, and fly cross-country only to find ourselves at the beginning of the journey. Knowing full well, we may be the only ones to show up. These dreams require us to get uncomfortable. To do what we haven’t done before. To be willing to take that leap. Because if it was easy, if it was quick, then everyone would do it.

The world belongs to those of us who are still willing to get their hands dirty.
And the dream belongs to those who are willing to stand out in the cold.

Let’s get at it today, friends.

And so it begins.

  1. Michelle Slape

    WHAT? Your own tour bus? That is AWESOME! :)

  2. Amanda Truth

    Your words absolutely gave me chills. Go out there into the cold and chase those scary dreams. Because what comes in behind you is the countless number of people who you’ve inspired to go off and chase their dreams. Have an awesome trip you guys!!!

  3. Kari Jeanne

    Love the bus! Good luck on the tour – I know you two are going to ROCK it out!! So many lives are going to be changed because of you stepping out of your comfort zone and chasing your own dreams. If you need an extra set of hands in Phoenix – I’m available to help with anything!

  4. Justine Cirullo

    Your words are so incredible! And incredibly motivating! Rock it out, as I know you will!

  5. Tiffany Bolk

    I second that! What!!!!!! That is awesome and it totally makes me laugh! Way to go!

  6. Michelle Cross

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow in LA!!!

  7. ashley barnett

    Did you ever think you’d see your face on the side of a bus? :)

  8. Kristin

    The Bus looks awesome guys!!! So excited!

  9. Vanessa

    Holy Smokes. This Is Epic.

  10. sharon elizabeth


  11. Jana Marler

    Oh my gosh "IVE" been dreaming of the day "I" could have a trailer and travel in it and I wanted to be the first one… And DANG it you beat me to it :)
    Of course you rock stars would. So creative! Love it!!!! Mine is in the works but it won’t be here quite as quickly as yours has. Darn the luck. Xo and comfortable traveling :)

  12. ajira

    Loving the tour bus! Wish I could come down to LA to see yous!

  13. katie yuen

    You will be amazing, because you always are. Also, your hair looks huge in that tour bus picture = awesome.

  14. Jenny

    I love the verses you have on the bus :)

  15. jenn

    love your words and love the verses on the tour bus! praying for you and the team :)

  16. jamie

    beautifully written, Mary.

  17. Shannon Rosan

    OMG!! Congrats on the awesome tour bus! As always you continue to inspire not just me but so so many. Keep up dashing into the dark cold night, we believe in you, plus we will have coffee when you cross that finish line :)

  18. Trude

    The bus looks amazing! So excited for you guys!

  19. Monica Justesen Photography

    Wow, I can’t even fathom how unreal this must feel for you guys, but still so awesome! Enjoy it!!!

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