January 5, 2010

It Begins

Tonight we are driving back late through CT after kicking off what I am sure are going to be two of the most life changing months of our lives. And I honestly in all my heart couldn’t imagine a more perfect start.

Sure I woke up today and couldn’t find a thing to wear. And apparently my new hairspray tends to give me Dolly Parton hair. And we just never did get my mike to work quite right.

But it was perfect. Absolute soul filling, heart lifting, I can’t believe we get to do this with our lives perfection. And I am thankful for it.

Thankful for all the people there beaming out love & support all night, as we laughed & cried our way this first time through our talk. Thankful to all of you who laughed at my bad jokes and waited patiently as we choked back tears.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Boston for that. For giving more than you took. For caring more than you had to. For loving more than we knew was possible.

And for showing us our own little slice of perfection. Dolly Parton hair and all.

We love you!!

  1. Krista Photography

    You guys were awesome! Thank you for sharing all you’ve learned with the rest of us – and for giving us SO much to think about! And for totally making me cry in the end… ;)

  2. Anne

    Congratulations!! You did it!! Thank you for being so open, honest, and humble about your journey and life/business lessons. You gave everyone some great things to take home and work on!! Exclamation points!!!!!!!!

  3. Alice

    Congratulations you two! Two months is going to go by fast, so try to take it all in! xoxo

  4. Feuza

    Counting down for tomorrow~ woo hoo, so excited, and glad my Brazilian friend Eliane went today, so excited for all participants and am curious to see how you are jam packing all the good info into 4 hours :-)

  5. Eliane Filho

    There’s no words to Describe how Amazed I was at the Spread The Love Work Shop with Justin and Mary You guys are the best…May God Bless u2.. I not only learned a lot of things but I also came out of there a new person with new DREAMS and GOALS. Thank you Justin & Mary for the opportunity, for taking your time to come out and teach us/ help us get better/ and also let us know that WE DON’T NEED PERMISSION TO CHASE OUR DREAMS. I’m so happy and exited I can write all night LOL I wanted to leave this here as well as my face book in case you guys don’t see it— :*) (shy face)

  6. Eliane Filho

    PS.. I Think I’ll be Know by everyone as The "SHY PERSON " Thanks to my partner Juliane LOL .. We did Love you guys though I came home and Told my husband all about it..And Made him listen hahaha GOD BLESS

  7. Tira J

    Ooooooo!!!!! One month from today you are coming to Los Angeles for STL! Yay! Cannot wait!

  8. Anna Sawin

    Love you guys and love STL–thanks for a great opening night in Boston–laughs and tears and all. Now go take the rest of the country by storm!

  9. Bob P.

    Thank you so much. I could sit through it all again today and not be bored.

  10. Molly

    I cant thank you enough for last night. I luaghed, I cried, and I learned a ton about who I am and who I want to be! THANKS!

  11. Nicki Pardo

    J&M Thank you for all the inspiration! Thank you for the road map to achieving our goals… Fantastic!

  12. Megan

    Thank you both so much, it was a wonderful night! :-)

  13. Zach Gray

    You guys rock! Can’t wait to have you here in Nashville!!

  14. Jody Gray

    Bring it on all the way over here to Smashville!!!!!!!!

  15. Christine Pobke

    HOW AMAZING!! :) Congratulations, J + M! Wish I could’ve been there too… here’s to an amazing 2010! Love you guys! xoxo

  16. Keri S.

    Thank you guys so much for starting in Boston! It was such a great night listening to everything you shared from your hearts. Much love and safe travels! :)

  17. Melissa W

    Anna told me you two were amazing and you both truly are! For someone who is trying to listen to her heart and develop a creative career of her own, STL was inspirational! I can’t wait to follow your cross country tour on-line and continue to be inspired! Thank YOU from the bottom of MY heart!

  18. Samantha B

    Thank you, thank you for this conference! You said only about 50% of the people would do something about what they heard… well yesterday I bought fresh flowers at the grocery store… They were $5.73 and worth every penny! They are a small piece of what my "good life" looks like and hopefully just the first step of putting what I learned into practice!

  19. Macy

    What a great night. Still thinking about it and getting new ideas all day. Thank you for being so open and sharing so much and for helping confirm that I’m on the right path.

    And I was a little thrilled to see myself and my fabulously warm white scarf there in the front row in the last picture. *grin*

    Best of luck on the rest of your trip!

  20. Emily

    You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to meet you in Kansas City!!



  22. kat

    amazing. inspiring. heartfelt.
    words can’t even come close to telling you how thankful i am for your openness, kindness and complete genius-ness (so not a word, but i don’t care!) totally loved the workshop, beyond reason ;) and PS. Mary – where’d you get those boots, need them!

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