December 21, 2008

It was like “House Hunters” meets “Storm Chasers”…

On Friday, Justin & I met up with his dad Dan (who is also our real estate agent extraordinaire!!) to officially begin the house hunt!! We’re both so super excited and want this so bad that we can TASTE it! And let me tell you, vinyl siding tastes GOOOOOD!!!

We’ll definitely be talking more about this in the New Year, so just prepare yourself for own little mini-version of House Hunters…BUT I just wanted to give you guys a little glimpse into our first time out. We ended up visiting about 8 houses and we liked #2 so much that we went back for a second look. And as if right on cue, as soon as we pulled up into the driveway the fluffiest lil’ cotton balls of snow EVER began to fall and blanket the ground around us, creating this perfect Christmas-y scene. It was SO perfect in fact that we jokingly started to look around for the snow machine that the realtor must’ve set up for us. It reminded me a lot of that scene in “Funny Farm” with Chevy Chase where they “cue the deer” and release the baby fawn just in time to run by when the buyer pulls up! C’mon! Has anybody else SEEN that movie?! Give me a holler in the comments if you have!

So, it went from nothing on the ground at all to THIS in the space of about twenty minutes. And I gotta be honest, I’ve never wanted to be all warm & cozy in a house of our very own so much in my WHOLE life. Stay tuned for next time!!

  1. Kim

    I did see that movie and it is one of my all time favorites!!

    The snow is simply beautiful..wish we had some in Florida.

    Have fun looking for a house. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with.

  2. Melissa

    Awesome! I love house-hunting -maybe that’s why I was a Realtor for 6 years! ;o)

    Best of luck on the hunt!!

  3. Jessica

    Happy house hunting! I really enjoyed the whole process myself, but am glad that Lu and I finally found a place that we love (and could afford! haha). Now, I have to get my real estate fix by watching House Hunters..which I do all the time! Good luck!

  4. erica sergio

    that’s so exciting! yay yay yay.

  5. Yuka photo art

    Such a great news! I will be waiting for your story :-)

  6. Dennis Bullock

    Wow looks like fun! I cant wait to see what you guys and Yellow Dog move into.

  7. Lindsay

    I love the Funny Farm! So I totally know what you are saying! I can’t wait to see what homes you like and what one you choose. Are you moving away (out of New Haven) or are you just finding a new house?

  8. Mary Marantz

    @ Dennis: LOL!! Yellow Dog!! That’s awesome!

  9. Mary Marantz

    @ Lindsay: Yea we’re looking to move a little east…in the Chester, CT area!

  10. amanda

    Yes! I actually said the same thing when we looked at our house! Except our situation was a bunch of little fluffy barn kittens that ran out to us instead of snow and deer running across the lawn. "Cue the deer. I mean kitties!" House sold! Enjoy the hunt.

  11. robert Norman

    house hunting is fun and simultaneously painful! (at least it was for me) Hope you guys find what you love very soon – and above all – be patient!!!

  12. Amanda Herzberger

    SO Exciting! I can’t wait to get there. And yes I love any and all National Lampoon’s movies :)

  13. lauren

    good luck w/ the hunt! we’re quite some time from the "hunt" of our own, but it’s always fun to look!! i’ll enjoy watching your story unfold!! :)

  14. Sarah McCoy

    Best of luck with the hunt. I’m so excited for you both!

  15. Derek

    Hey, that’s my realtor too! I’m so excited for you guys to learn the joys of a mortgage! We can’t wait to see you guys after the holiday! Love ya!

  16. Joy Moody

    You know that Don and I are basically experts at house hunting now….. If you have any questions or want any advise on anything send em our way! Good luck out there! Very exciting.

  17. Val McCormick Photography

    How exciting; the ball is rolling! Good Luck with everything. Wooo Whoooo :-)

  18. TONY

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  19. john waire

    if it is indeed funny farm…look out for that crazy mail man :)

    best of good luck!

  20. Amanda W

    LOVE Funny Farm. Good luck!

  21. Christa

    Good luck! Lots of fun and stress (but the good kind)

  22. Erica Velasco

    oooh one of my favorite shows! Can’t wait to see what you two choose!

  23. jeramy

    good luck!

  24. cassandra m

    Many prayers for you guys as you begin this journey. I am excited to see your mini-version of House Hunters. This should be FUN. best of luck!

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