July 25, 2010

Ithaca is “Gorges”

Today we stood at the edge of the world. Felt the rush of falling water fulfilling its divine destiny. Watched the green earth rise up toward the sky, arms outstretched toward heaven. And I felt just a little bit closer to God.

Because somehow, somewhere in the roar of this creation I was finally able to just be still and listen.

Today I hope you marvel. I hope you stop and breathe and listen. I hope the world around you opens up to boundless opportunities. I hope you walk in light and bathe in unthinkable beauty. Today beyond all days… I hope you take the time to really live.

  1. ajira

    What a gorgeous spot!! Love the tee!!

  2. Julia R

    Gorgeous photos! I have always wanted an "Ithaca is Gorges" t-shirt :-) I especially love these pics because I adore waterfalls and tend to have an especially hard time looking/walking away from them!

  3. Lydia

    Mary, how do you always manage to look so cute! I was just at Yosemite last week and had that same experience. God’s creation is amazing!

  4. Cait

    You two are so cute – its adorable!!! <3

  5. laurie c

    #1: those jeans r super cute!
    #2: i really like green on u!
    #3: u guys r too darn cute!

  6. Chris Enzaldo

    Stop being so adorable! It’s distracting me from the serene beauty of the summer waterfall… Stop it!

  7. Dorelies

    You seem to have a great time – lovely green pictures.

  8. Michael Turano

    Reminded me of Diehl’s nature class :)

  9. Alison

    Glad you stopped to enjoy the moment, and to just take a picture for the sake of taking it. Those moments are amazing.
    (oh and thanks for rocking the Poland Spring Water, that is a bussiness that is critical to our local economy!)

  10. Brendon

    Ah, my home and native land. Looks like you had a good time!

  11. Amanda Herzberger

    Man you were in my college town – brings back memories of when Jeff and I would meet up for a lunch date and hike down into the gorge to eat – very very happy and sweet memories. Hope the wedding was wonderful. xxxooo

  12. maggieb

    …moving water is mesmerizing and magical…I’ll leave that photo of the falls right here for a long while…

  13. Brandy Frank

    you two are sooooo cute!! love the t-shirt M … jealous you get to rock jeans and little sweatshirt too. I want fall to be here already! xoxo B

  14. Girish

    Second photograph is very nice.

  15. Jill Aurigemma

    What were you to doing in Ithaca? That’s where I went to school :) I have that same shirt! Can’t believe it’s almost already been a year since the wedding – your house looks amazing!

  16. Ray

    You guys are just too cute. =D Thank you for sharing with us the beauty that is your life. <3

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