October 19, 2009

It’s Coming!!: Leslie & Brian

Good morning all of you out there in blog land! I hope you had an amazing, restful weekend. We actually had a shoot-free weekend for maybe the first time since April and we used it to start getting caught up on all of these killer shoots that we can’t WAIT to show you. We’ve been thinking for a while now that we wanted to start posting several times throughout the day to give you even MORE eye candy (and ok, ok more distraction from work if that’s where you happen to be!) So we are kicking that off in style today! Make sure to keep checking back throughout the day for all the latest. And here’s just a little idea of what’s in store!!

Happy Monday!!

  1. Dennis Bullock

    Bring it on!

  2. maggieb

    "and now…let the wild rumpus start!"

  3. Jil

    hooray for multi-posts! what could be better than more J&M perfection?

  4. Tira J

    Awesome! I will take a distraction from work to go to your blog anytime of the day! Can’t wait for more!

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