December 10, 2009

It’s Coming!!: Renata & Spence

Coming soon to a blog near you!! Spence & Renata (AND her sassy Louboutins!!)

  1. Heather Hagler

    Awesome shoes.

  2. Marissa Rodriguez

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I’m drooling!!!

  3. Sarah

    Oh my…

  4. Darcy Reed

    Where did the bride get those amazing shoes? They are perfection!!! :)

  5. Erica Velasco

    Oooh can’t wait~!

  6. oneshotbeyond

    too stinking cute!

  7. feuz

    this looks like it will be a fun one!

  8. Cathy Crawley

    Hello LOVER!

  9. MM

    @Darcy: I’m not sure which store she bought them from, but they are Christian Louboutins.

  10. Krystle(Feathers and Frills)

    AMAZING! I didn’t know if anything could make her Louboutins more gorgeous but they are perfection with the custom shoe clips I made her! I’m dying to see the rest of the pictures!

  11. MM

    Ooooh Krystyle I am so glad you commented! I didn’t realize those were custom made!

  12. Ravyn

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding. This is the couple from the awesome train station photos!! They made me want to get engaged all over again! I’m sure the wedding won’t disappoint.

  13. Renata

    The suspense is KILLING me! :)

  14. Kristina

    I’m dying to see the photos – the shoes are hot, but I need more!

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