March 1, 2016

It’s Launch Day!! Announcing the NEW Lighting the Bridal Details Guide!!

The Lighting Guide - Bridal Detailsf copy

Ohhhh friends!! It is LAUNCH day around here and we couldn’t be more excited!! We are SO thrilled to finally be able to introduce the 2nd installment in our Lighting Guide Series: Lighting the Bridal Details!! (**We will officially launch later today to our newsletter friends first, so be sure to get on the list HERE!!)

This has been such a labor of love & in many ways, it has been months in the making. So we are definitely throwing some confetti over here today!! If you want to be able to walk into ANY getting ready room- tungsten light, green light, mixed light, NO light!!-and still be able to rock it & make it look just like natural window light, then you’re going to want to check this out! In Lighting the Bridal Details, you’ll learn:

*The two most important steps to take every time to make your flash look just like natural light!

*The 5 characteristics of light we have to reverse engineer in order to make your flash feel like a window!

*Go to recommended settings for where to start on your ISO, aperture, shutter speed, flash, power & Kelvin white balance every time you go to shoot the details.

*How to entirely eliminate nasty color casts once and for all, and create perfectly white balanced dimensional natural looking details.

*The ways we change our approach when we are lighting small details, medium details, large details, and specialty details like perfume (glass) and diamonds.

*Watch us walk step by step from a terrible tungsten image, through getting the black box, through adding flash and then different modifiers & fill to see how the image changes from beginning to end. And the best part? You can walk through it right along with us getting your own results!

*Get a set of homework drills to put your knew knowledge into practice right away & so much more!

Just check out this before & after!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.49.50 PM

The whole thing goes LIVE to our newsletter friends first later today and when it does, this new Lighting the Details Guide will normally be priced at $99. BUT, for everyone on our list we are going to be offering a special bundle deal savings with our J&M Lighting Guide-The Foundations Edition & an extra bonus for anyone who signs up in the first 24 hours- for a total value of $119!! So definitely don’t miss out! Head on over HERE to get on the list right away!! And we’ll see you this evening!

Happy Tuesday friends!!

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