February 5, 2014

January Mentoring Sessions

January was a month packed full of mentoring sessions with amazing photographers in all stages of their businesses, from still in school to ready to dominate their market. There are no words that can fully describe just how much I love doing these mentoring sessions. I just LOVE teaching in general, but there is something so amazing about sitting down one on one across from somebody, away from the judging eyes of the world, and pushing them to really lay their dreams on the line. To speak out loud these things that have been floating around in their hearts. And to come up with a next action plan to actually get there.

In these sessions, there is no dream that is too big for dreaming. We talk about everything from lighting to posing to business, branding & marketing, and everything in between. We talk about how we took our own business from a tiny overnight start up to the business & brand that it is today (it continues to blow my mind to even think about this, but we just passed the 26,000 mark on Facebook!!), and how they can do that a lot faster by learning from what we’ve learned. I love that in answering other photographers questions, I can help them avoid everything that we’ve learned doesn’t work and just get them moving forward quickly with what does. It is hands down one of the most rewarding things that we do!

This past month we had the privilege of hanging out with Abbey, Ali, Annamarie, Erica (not pictured because she was one week away from delivering a baby!!) Sarah & Tara. To talk about big dreams. Dig in to the reality of making them work. And push each other to be held accountable. There are big BIG things in store for these girls, mark my words. And I, for one, can’t wait to see it!

Happy Thursday friends!

The gorgeous Annamarie & Ali! These girls are friends down in Virginia & had similar things they wanted to go over for each of their respective businesses. So they decided to do their session together, so they can bounce ideas around together & hold each other accountable. I love it!

Miss Abbey Domond. Ready to rock out the world & take names! I can’t wait for what this year holds for you Abbey!

This girl! Sarah Robertson is still in school at JMU, but she is already getting her business off the ground in a BIG way! I have no doubts amazing things are in her future!

And finally, the stunning & beautiful-hearted Tara Liebeck. Tara does incredible work & is traveling all over the place for her weddings. She is definitely one to watch!

  1. ashley barnett

    Um this post makes me SO HAPPY because all of these ladies are AMAZING! :) They all look so beautiful – I especially love the one of Abbey laughing. Her smile just lights up that photo! And of course…GO DUKES (for Sarah and Ali!)

  2. Corrie Childers

    Beautiful!! Lovely photos of lovely ladies.

  3. Michael and Carina

    Lovely Tara, Ali & Annamarie!!! Just wow! Next time you’re down, we are so there!

  4. Abbey

    Thank you soo much Mary!!!! Loved the time I spent with you and Justin. You guys ROCK!!!!

  5. Lanie Kay

    Awe… Abbey! You’re PRECIOUS!!!!

  6. Nikki Santerre

    It’s amazing so see so many women I know and admire who had an opportunity to learn from you guys! xoxo!

  7. Abby Grace

    Gah, I need to do one of these with y’all someday. I loved the one-on-one time I did get with you guys at the Big Next and had my mind totally blown :).

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