September 19, 2016

J&M Anniversaries: Kelley & Eric at The Greenbrier


Happy Monday friends! Today is such a happy day, because today I get to share the J&M Anniversaries session of two people I have seriously absolutely fallen in love with! While we were down in West Virginia for Kelly & Connellee’s wedding, another Kelley (this time with an added e!) reached out to see if we could do an anniversary session for her & her husband Eric. These two have been married TWENTY years (can you believe it??) and they love The Greenbrier and thought this would be the perfect way to celebrate! We agreed and it was a date!

And that could have been the end of the story, and we could get on to me showing you the pictures. But it’s just not. It couldn’t be the end of what I write here for these two. See, for the past ten years I’ve been paid to observe couples and love and relationships and marriage. And I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Almost to the point where I can spend just a few minutes with a couple and see who they are. Together. And these two. Ohhh these two. From the first few minutes we were with them, I saw a partnership based on love and respect, on being each others biggest cheerleaders. I saw a playfulness and how much they still enjoy laughing together (something I think only the best marriages have!) And I also saw a quiet strength that they draw from one another. How they lean on each other, how they have held each other up through some of the hardest times over the past two decades, and they came out the other side just holding on to each other even tighter. I saw two people who are genuinely in love. Two souls who were always meant to find each other. And two just genuinely, incredible good people, who are somehow even better together.

After our shoot, these guys sent us flowers at a time when we most needed it, with the reminder that “you are not alone.” And I think that speaks volumes about their integrity, character, and who they are as people. And it just makes my heart SO full and happy to live in a world where two such amazing humans found each other, fell in love, and have stood side by side all these years. It’s one thing to photograph a love on Day 1 (as amazing as that is)….it’s another to photograph love on Day 7,300. With all the strength and comfort and resilience and legacy that brings.

Kelley & Eric, we just simply LOVE you! We love your love, and we love how you love other people. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for letting us witness a love twenty years strong. Here’s to the next 7,300!

SO much love!

the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_001 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_002 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_003 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_004 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_005 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_006 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_007 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_008 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_009 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_010 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_011 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_012 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_013 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_014 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_015 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_016 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_017 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_018 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_019 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_020 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_021 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_022 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_023 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_024 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_025 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_026 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_027 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_028 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_029 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_030 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_031 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_032 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_033 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_034 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_035 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_036 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_037 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_038 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_039 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_040 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_041 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_042 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_043 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_044 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_045 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_046 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_047 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_048 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_049 the_greenbrier_wedding_photographer_justin_mary_anniversaries_photo_050

  1. collen

    white young love is stunning, there is something about mature love that is so incredibly beautiful. And these photos are a testament to that fact. And what a gorgeous couple!

  2. Tatyana Lee

    Yay your favorite venue! Love your story of how you ended up shooting the wedding here :)

  3. Rici

    This is so wonderful!! Love couples who are still in love years later! and their second outfit! Oh WOW!!!

  4. Aarti

    You both look fabulous Kelley!!!

  5. Carol Brown

    Sooo enjoyed seeing your photos. Looks like you really enjoyed your time together. Love Carol

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