April 20, 2011

J&M Book Club

So after our “Today We Are Rich” contest yesterday (be sure to enter HERE if you haven’t yet), we got a bunch of requests for us to put together a book list. Since we wanted to keep it manageable, we decided to only list a few at a time. That way people can have a chance to check those out before we bombard you with the next ones.

And just like that, the J&M book club was born! I feel SO Oprah in this moment! :)

Here’s the first group!

1) The Suze Orman Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke is a fantastic read with realistic advice on money. I love this book & Suze!
2)Talent is Never Enough. Ain’t that the truth! An incredible read by John Maxwell about everything else that goes into success.
3) Simple Abundance. This book is such a constant blessing in my life. I got it several years ago from Justin’s mom. Who is also a constant blessing in my life.
4) Mr. Maxwell again for the win.The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is a must read for anyone even considering leading others.
5) Never Eat Alone. I’ve never actually read this one (it’s on my list!) But Justin has and he loved it!
6) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This book is rocking my world. One dense, life-changing chapter at a time.

  1. Tira J

    Love it!!! I have a few of those and will be adding them all to my Good Reads list.

  2. Katie Jordan

    Thanks for doing this! I am always looking for good books that will keep me heading towards success.

  3. Kelli Boling

    I just finished Never Eat Alone – great book. Stephen Covey rocked my world about 3 years ago and I still catch myself talking about "big rocks" everyday.

  4. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Have you heard of GoodReads.com? It’s a similar idea, and we can nose/poke through what others are reading. I totally dig it. :) Thought you might, too.

  5. Mel

    This is great. I think the birthday fairy (aka my husband) is getting me a kindle for my birthday so I will be getting a few of those for the kindle.

    I have big plans for the next 12 months for my photography business and I am lapping up EVERYTHING you and other photographers say and I know from experience that when I read positive things it has a positive effect on my life. :)

    Keep them coming.


    Wow! Looks like I have more books to add on my list. Out of your top 6, the only book I have right now is Simple Abundance…LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! =) Thank you for starting the J+M Book Club. Yay!!! =)

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