April 10, 2014

J&M Editorial: Rene in Red

Here it is! The latest J&M Editorial Shoot: Rene in Red!!

Photography: Justin & Mary
Location: The Studio
Model: Rene Tate

April 4th AM SOLD OUT
April 4th PM SOLD OUT
April 16th AM SOLD OUT
April 16th PM SOLD OUT
May 9th PM
May 29th AM
May 29th PM SOLD OUT
June 11th AM SOLD OUT
June 11th PM SOLD OUT

J&M’s Lighting Intensive- New Haven, CT on May 8, 2014
J&M Lighting Intensive – Seattle, WA on July 8, 2014
Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M – New Haven on November 5-6, 2014

  1. Jil

    LOVE your editorial shoots – as always. That last shot = WOW!

  2. Rebekah

    Very nice! Has a Dan Winters feel to it. I love the silver on grey shots.

  3. René Tate

    Yes, that last shot! Dang! Who is that GIRL?! So so so beautiful, friends. Thank you for having me. What a wonderful memory! I am totally honored to be on this blog. Ahh!

  4. Jesie McElroy

    Umm…holy smokes. I knew my best friend was beautiful, but WOW! You guys are incredible, as usual. I’m photographing René this weekend and I kinda wish I had photographed her before you did. Now it’s mission impossible! Haha!

  5. René Tate

    One more thing… I can’t wait for my grandkids to see these images, dated one month before I married their grandfather. "This was your grandma then…" What a cool gift you just gave them, Justin & Mary.

  6. Sarah Hogan

    Beautiful, Stunning Rene, how could you not be perfect in red?

  7. Patty Deniston


    Wow, I am very partial to the shot in red with your gloved hand up yo your shoulder. It is so vintage, and reminds me of how the bride was coiffed to depart for her honeymoon. John’s great-grandmother born in 1900, a true southern belle, believed that only with gloves and the right hat was an lady’s outfit complete. She’d be applauding. Just lovely:)

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