January 18, 2012

J&M in Vegas, Baby!!

Good morning blog world!

Today is our all things Vegas post, announcing two very cool things (Ok, ok so *I* think they’re cool, but I think sitting home and watching Fraiser re-runs is a wild night. So my perception of cool may be a bit skewed) that we’ll be hosting while we’re out at WPPI!

The first is our (now) annual J&M Sunrise Shoot Out! What’s that? You picked up on the “sunrise” part? Yea, that’s part of the deal. So as to not conflict with any of the other goings on at WPPI and so that we have some really pretty light, the shoot out will be starting at dawn o’clock sharp on Tuesday Feb 21st and we’ll have you out in time to hit that first platform class. Yea, it’ll require a lot of coffee….but I promise to make it worth it. The other catch is this: last year we put on the Shoot Out entirely free as a thank you for all that you guys do throughout the year to support us. Well this year, it’s nearly free. Let me explain. :) We are still going to keep the price super low ($99) as a thank you for all that you guys do, but we decided to charge a small amount for the tickets this year to help raise money for an incredibly good cause. (It will all be going to that, not us!) I’m not quite ready to say what that cause is yet, but I promise you if you come to our Platform class it’ll all make sense. And I know that you’re going to agree with me, it was for a really REALLY good cause.

The second thing is our J&M Walk Through Alum Mix & Mingle This will be taking place at 9pm on Monday night, Feb 20th at the Centrifuge Bar in the MGM. It is open to any past Walk Through attendees as well as last year’s shoot out group. The only thing we ask is that you “send an RSVP our way” in the comments below letting us know if you are for sure in or not. We just have to have a head count for reservation purposes. We can’t wait to see you all there & get our mingle on.

Trust me, it’s going to be way cool. I may even re-enact some Frasier episodes for you.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

  1. Elizabeth & Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography

    Ryan and I are in! ;) Can’t wait to mix & mingle!!! WAHOO!

  2. Lauren

    I’ll be there!!!!!! Wearing something snazzy of course…

  3. Emilia Jane

    I’ll be there!! Can’t wait!! XXOO

  4. Katie

    Count me in!

  5. Katie Jane

    I will be at the mix & mingle with bells on! So bummed I’ll be missing your platform class because I’ll be on my way back to NYC.

  6. Alicia Candeora

    I’ll be there!

  7. teri pozniak | tPoz Photography

    I’ll be at the Mix&Mingle! Hoping to see some of the NYC alums!

  8. julia noack

    Excited to mix &let mingle! I’ll be there!

  9. Gabby / En Route Photography

    Oh how I’d love to come!!!! I hope I can make it next year! ;)

  10. Catie Ronquillo

    I’m in for the Mixing & Mingling! :) Also, on a nerdy graphic design note, what font did you use for "Mix & Mingle & Be"? :)

  11. Caroline Hilty

    I’m in! also, just signed up for the shoot-out!! can’t wait:)

  12. Stephanie Stewart

    Is it too early to list a 2013 goal? No? Ok, here goes: To attend WPPI and go to a sunrise Shoot Out with J&M! Can’t wait!

  13. Karen Stott

    EEEEEEEK! Just bought my shootout ticket and Isaac and I are totally down for a little mingle action. Unite is Monday night at 7 but we will bust our butt to get there :) xoxoxo

  14. Kandise

    Yes! I’m so not a sunrise person, but… just this once. :D

  15. Abby Grace

    Dangit, this is making me want to go to WPPI so badly!!! I need to get my hubs to sign a contract promising that I can go in 2013. ahhhhhh

  16. Julie Villarreal

    I missed out! I am SO sad!

  17. Amberly Judy

    WAIT! Can I sign up for this????????????? PLS PLS PLS I will do ANYTHING! …………please?

  18. lori yohe

    shoooooot!!! let me know if you decide to add any more slots. would love to see you guys again!! xoxo

  19. Amberly

    I would be willing to carry heavy things, bring you drinks ANYTHING if I can be a part of this! :) I have been DYING to meet you guys and this will be my first year getting to stay and attend multiple days at WPPI. I really want to experience your amazingness……………PLEASE>>!!!!!!

  20. stephane lemaire

    Oh no !!! i missed the shoot out ..:( , but coming for sure at the mix and mingle with 5 of my other fellow photographers, we are all from El Paso, TX …. Cant wait !

  21. Lydia

    Can’t wait to see you at the Mix & Mingle!

  22. Jaime + Chase

    I’ll be there to Mingle!!! Yay!!! Can’t wait to see you and Justin!

  23. Katelyn James

    ooohhh I’ll mix and mingle! :)

  24. MartaV

    Oh no. I wasn’t fast enough. :( I will definitely be at the platform class though. I am super excited to hear you two! :)

  25. Amanda Miller

    Aw, really bummed to have missed a shoot out spot, I love sunrise shoots and you guys, of course! Hopefully, I at least will book the wedding of the potential clients I was meeting with!! :)

    I am definitely IN for the Walk Through Alum mixer!!! Can’t wait for those Fraiser reenactments! We used to have a Fraiser drinking game in college…wait, did I just admit that? Lol

  26. Jeremy Mitchell

    I’m all sorts of down for this here mix and mingle!!

  27. ashley barnett

    Wahoo!! Jeremy and I will be mixin and minglin :)

  28. Jackie Lamas

    man I wish I could go to WPPI this year! I’d so wake up at the crack of dawn to be at that shoot! Maybe next year!?!

  29. Deborah Zoe

    I’m up for a little mixing and mingling:)!

  30. Regina Marie

    I’d love to come to the mix and mingle too!!

  31. Jessica Frey

    SOOO pumped! I set my California alarm to 7:15am today….early for this night owl just to get a ticket and it paid off. Can’t wait for Vegas, and love the sunrise shoots – I did 2 last year and had an amazing time!

  32. Amanda Miller

    Aw, really bummed I missed a Shoot Out spot, I love sunrise shoots! Let’s hope I book that wedding of the protential clients I was meeting with! Haha. I will definitely be at the Alums Mixer though!!! Can’t wait to see those Frasier reenactments. We had a Frasier drinking game in college…did I just admit that? :P

  33. Tira J

    Count me IN to Mix & Mingle with two of my favorite people that live on the east coast! Love you!!!!

  34. Angelsea Urban

    I will totally be there! :-)

  35. Nancy Orozco

    I’ll be there, plus the hubby! Can’t wait to see you guys again. ;)

  36. J Guiles

    In for some mingling…

  37. Dede Edwards

    I will be there!

  38. Christy

    I just realized I never replied to this! But I’ll be there! :)

  39. Jenny Solar

    Josh and I will be there! Can’t wait!!

  40. Kristen Joy

    Would love to see you both at WPPI this year! Last year was great… wish your shoot wasn’t sold out.

  41. ami

    I will be there!!

  42. Tiffany Deming

    Holla! :D Dean and I will be there…OXO

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