June 23, 2014

J&M: The Anniversaries

One of the things that Justin & I have been so lucky to do in our business, is to take on a limited number of anniversary sessions each year for couples all over the place. Through our “J&M: The Anniversaries” shoots we’ve been able to shoot in London, NYC, Nantucket, Virginia, Annapolis, and right in our own backyard! We’ve been able to shoot such beautiful couples who just really get into the shoot and go all out in everything from the outfits that they wear to the locations that they pick. It’s been SO much fun!

But even more than that, Justin & I just have a heart for couples and marriage. We love to take wedding pictures that couples can look at five, ten or twenty years in to remind them of where it all started and bring them back to Day 1. But something that Justin & I learned when we did our own anniversary shoot with the amazing Jose Villa two years back and the incredible Tiffany Farley last year, is that there is something really powerful about getting back in front of the camera. Of having an evening to just hold on to each other. To look each other in the eyes. To walk and kiss. To not just take pictures on the wedding day, but every year. Because every year you hold on to someone, it’s that much more beautiful. It’s that much further that you’ve come. And it’s a love that is deeper than you could have ever predicted when you were just starting out on Day 1. Yes, let’s have more pictures to remind us of THAT!

Like I said, just with our crazy schedules and already having a full wedding calendar, we’re only able to take on a limited number of these shoots each year (I SO wish we could say yes to everyone who comes to us!) So to help with that demand, we are raising the price of the anniversary shoots to $1500 starting at the end of this week. But because we do have such a heart for these shoots & marriage in general, what we decided to do to give everyone a heads up is reserve five spots at our current price of $750 that people can grab before the price changes at the end of the week. So if you’ve been meaning to book an anniversary shoot with us, now is definitely the time!

To reserve one of the five spots, just click the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this post. Price covers the session fee & images. Additional travel fees may apply depending on where we do the shoot!

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    so excited for ours next year!!!

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