May 1, 2012

J&M Wine and Chocolate Night

When it comes to chocolate, it’s pretty safe to say that I have a problem. If I had been one of the lucky five golden ticket holders at Willy Wonka’s place, I probably would have been a cross somewhere between Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop. First, I would’ve been all I want it all Daddy, and I want it now about the situation. And then… I would’ve fallen into the chocolate river. Yea, that sounds about right. But I will tell you, one thing is safe to say. I definitely wouldn’t have been the Mike Teavee. Nope, not for all the chocolate in the world. That kid was just annoying.

And since I love to share my over-indulgences with others (because hey if everybody’s doing it, it must be ok! Clearly. :) ,we decided a few weeks back to put on an entire night devoted to la Chocolat (“You mean the movie Chocolate starring Johnny Depp?” :). We worked with the absolutely amazing coordinator Sarah True of True Event who continues to just blow us away. And we invited all of our current 2012 clients as well as some of our local past clients to join us for a night of Wine & Chocolate. As soon as Sarah got involved she assembled just an incredible team, all who went so far above & beyond for us. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for each and everyone of them. And by the time they were done….

they had put together a night even Veruca Salt wouldn’t have believed she deserved! :)

With huge thanks and so much gratitude to all of the following creatives for making this night possible. As well as all of our clients everywhere, past and present.

You guys are even better than chocolate.

Venue: Charmard Vineyard
Coordinator: Sarah True of True Event
Blooms: Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design
Lounge Design & Lighting: Ryan Design
Paper: Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design
Chocolate: Chocopologie
Wine: Charmard Vineyard

And a HUGE congrats to the winners of our Worth Every Penny giveaway: Kandise, Tim Larsen, Kat Marcum, Alisa of Adorn Photos, Arielle Mandeville!! Just shoot us an email with your mailing addy to and we’ll get you all set up!

  1. Sonya

    You are so beautiful, Mary! Love that dress. And love chocolate :) Looks like a dream!!

  2. Life with Kaishon

    Beautiful : ) What a great event!

  3. Beth

    It is not really fair to post about chocolate this early in the morning! I love it though!

  4. Jil

    what an awesome idea!! love it!

  5. Deney

    oooooh my kinda night!

  6. Alicia White

    You looked simply dazzling! What a fun event :-) ya’ll never cease to amaze me!

  7. Bethany Ann

    That is such a fantastic idea! Love it!!! :) I adore your dress too!

  8. Kari Jeanne

    Just when I thought you two couldn’t get any more amazing – you go and do this!!!!! Looks like it was a wonderful night :)

  9. Katelyn James

    love this!!!

  10. Heidi

    Looks so yummy!

  11. Emilia Jane

    Yumm!!! So pretty. I love this kind of thing :-D

  12. Sandra Fazzino

    What a sweet idea! Hail to J&M for your class & elegant charm! Such a great way to celebrate your couples & the joy of what you do!

  13. bridget

    Everytime you’re with us you raise the bar on creativity. The Barn was beautiful Sunday evening. You and your magic are welcome at Chamard anytime!

  14. ashley barnett

    So awesome! :) I wish we had been able to come I would have been in the chocolate river with you no doubt!!

  15. Stephanie Stewart

    Gorgeous event! Mary, my dear, you look LOVELY!

  16. Michelle

    Love it!

  17. Rachel McCloud

    Looks like so much fun and Mary your dress is gorgeous :)

  18. Mel Marantz

    You looked amazing in that dress! I loved it! Everything else there that night was beautiful too. Miss you guys! Have a wonderful time in Australia. Derek and I would like you to please bring home a kangaroo for us to have as a pet. Thanks in advance. LOL.

  19. Nichole (& Steve)

    It was such a blast! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. Plus, the wine + chocolate were the best bonus ever ;)

    I knew everyone looked familiar, but couldn’t place them without their gowns & suits. I totally had to go back through your archives and refresh my memory afterward :)

  20. Ravyn

    LOVE seeing it all together. What an awesome event!! :) You guys are the best!

  21. Becky

    SO SAD we missed it :( … hope you have another "local past client" included event soon!!!! xoxo

  22. Suzy G

    Love it. Looks like it was the perfect evening. That chocolate looks divine too.

  23. Eryn Kesler

    That Ravyn, is as sweet as she is talented!! What a fun night.

  24. Sarah Wamuhiu

    Wow, this is so amazing. My hubby and I have been dreaming about doing something for our past wedding clients and this whole concept just blew us away :) Thanks for setting some amazing standards in our industry!

  25. rich

    what a cool event! beautiful details everywhere!

  26. Nancy Mitchell

    LOVE this! Love your dress! Super cute!

  27. Deborah Zoe

    that brown dress? amazing. and the chocolate party? amazing. and I’m so jelly:)

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