September 23, 2013

Join me LIVE tonight on Chic TV!

Good morning friends!

Today we were up at 5:30am to be Brooklyn bound & speak at the What if Day Camp along with Jen Bebb, Natalie Norton & Tamara Lackey! But I just wanted to hop on real quick to remind you that tonight I will be presenting a FREE live online event for Chic Critique all about Booking Your Ideal Client.

In this 90 minute event, I’ll be covering how to:

Define & attract your ideal “Lovemark Clients”, the ones who are most likely to rave about you in the first place.
Give those clients the stories you actually want them telling with a remarkable “Purple Cow” experience (because it’s not that they’re talking but what they’re saying)
Move on to building your “Secondary Circle” of followers in your tribe- an army of evangelists thousands strong out there saying your name, AND
Become a company actually worth believing in by having something that you stand for
Plus, you’ll be able to ask me questions LIVE during the Q&A AFTER PART-AY!

WHEN: Monday, September 23rd 2013 @ 8 pm Central (6 Pacific, 7 Mountain, 9 Eastern) Be sure to mark your calendars! And in order to get to watch FREE, you have to register first which you can do by going HERE!!

We’ll see you there!

And also, a HUGE congrats to the winner of our Starbucks/Yankee Candle Fall Bucket List giveaway….Mr. Dennis Bullock! Just shoot us an email at & we’ll get you all set up!

  1. katie

    Woohoo! Rock it out! (I know you will :)

  2. Cathy

    Hey Mary! Just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the event you did last night on Chic. It was fabulous and I always love hearing you speak. You totally rocked it out and were definitely inspiring!!!! I took 3 pages of notes and Jeff & I were spouting ideas as soon as the event was over until about 1am our time. Thank you for always giving us the insight we need right when we need it. :-)

  3. Johnf5

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