September 7, 2016

Join Our Vision Group- The Lighting the Reception Course is Coming!!


Oh friends! This has been a LONG time coming! Justin & I have been teaching lighting for years now, and if there is one thing that comes up over and over it’s this: HOW do you deal when you find yourself in a TOUGH reception situation? And photographers, am I right..there are a LOT ( I mean, a lot!) of them out there! From barns to ballrooms, uplighting to mixed lighting, tents to terrible hotel conference rooms, dark ceilings to NO ceilings (under the stars) at all. What do you do when the reception can’t be lit with natural light? And seriously WHAT do you do when a simple bounce flash just will not do?What we’ve found from years of doing our workshops is that MOST photographers when they’re in a panic situation like that will just bare bulb it in the corner and pray for a miracle….well, we’re here to tell you, there is a MUCH better way!! And a MUCH better way to serve your couples! And that is why we are SO excited for today’s announcement!!

We have had the idea for this new course on our hearts for a long time now because we know it is something that photographers NEED!! And we have SEEN this information transform people’s entire approach to not just receptions but the entire day and the way they think about light and their art forever! We have seen the look on their faces when THEY are the ones making these results happen and they see it CAN be done….and it doesn’t have to be hard! And we are SO excited that this Fall we will officially begin filming on the J&M Lighting the Reception Course (what to do in all of the toughest reception situations we all face!) Ahhhhh, I can’t believe I finally get to tell you guys about this!

And it gets even better because…WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

We want to make sure right from the beginning that this course is getting YOU the help you need and answering all of the questions you struggle with at a wedding! We want it built FOR you because it was built WITH you! That is why we are opening up a special Facebook Group Vision Board to advise on what this course should cover and we want to invite YOU to be a part of it! We’re only opening this up for a little while because we want everyone in it to be with us from the very beginning, so definitely don’t miss joining (it’s totally FREE to join, you just have to help us with your questions & requests for building the best course possible!) Besides getting to help us custom build this course from the ground up to help you the most over the next 8 weeks or so, members will also get FIRST priority access to the course when it comes out. And there may or may not be a special VIP price on the course just for vision board members only as a special thank you for helping us out! The group is open now, but we will be closing it in a few days! So HURRY & don’t miss it! Head over HERE & request to join!

Here’s to big things!

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    So amazing!!!

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