February 2, 2016

Join Us at the April Walk Through- Only 3 Spots Left!!


Whew! The “slow season” is definitely over & February is here!! This is such an exciting week over here with not only FOUR J&M Mentoring Sessions, but also so many FUN things to do to get ready for all of our Feb Walk Through a Wedding attendees to arrive on Monday (just WAIT til you see the brand new surprise we’ve been working on with Jamie at Marigold Grey to welcome them!!)

The Feb workshop is totally SOLD OUT & we released the April 13-14th one to all of our newsletter friends and now there are only THREE spots left to that one! Crazy!

**The Early Bird price ends TONIGHT so be sure to use the code “SPRING250” to grab one of the LAST spots AND $250 off your seat by going HERE!! And scroll down to see what some of our amazing past Walk Through Alums are saying!

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“For me, Walk Through A Wedding was more than just a workshop, it was a life changing experience.  I walked in hoping to learn some new lighting techniques and left feeling like I had all the tools I needed to work as a better photographer and to setup a solid foundation for my new business. I highly recommend Walk Through A Wedding to ANY wedding photographer at any skill level.  I  can tell you first hand you will not be disappointed.  Justin and Mary – I am so grateful I was able to attend in April.  Thank you for being open an honest about your journey so I can benefit from the many things you’ve learned over the years.  Thank you for sharing your hearts and your home with me.  Thank you for reinforcing that there’s nothing wrong with the style of shooting that I love so much. And…last but not least, thank you for answering each and every one of my questions calmly and patiently. I can’t thank you enough.” – Erica Loewenguth

Thank you guys again for opening your home to us! I knew the Walk Through a Wedding workshop was going to be a game-changer before I signed up, but I could not have anticipated the depth of content and practical application that I gained from this experience. J&M you were dedicated teachers and challenged our group to take risks to get results. You spent time getting to know us, answering our questions and providing great tips & feedback. I am SO happy I made this investment in the future of my business! Keep on being rockstars. You guys are awesome!” –Carolyn Woods

“J&M thanks again for the awesome workshop! This experience has truly changed my life for the better. I’ve wanted to attend a Walk Through for as long as you have offered it. You not only provided me with the technical information that will make my photography better, but you gave me something deeper than that. You stirred up this fiery passion inside that I had when I first started this journey with photography six years ago. You told me to dream bigger and dig in deep into Why I went into this in the first place. This workshop is SO much more than just how to use your camera. I am forever grateful that you took the time for us and helped to bring out the vest version of us as photographers. I loved that you took the time to give us these tools and that nothing was off limits. I’m FIRED up and ready to put this into my business. J&M, simply put, you are a God send to photographers and entrepreneurs and I’m so incredibly thankful for all that you do.” – Shaunae Teske

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  1. Rebecca Nash-Emerson

    Oh my goodness, I would absolutely LOVE to be an attendee at your Walk through a Wedding Workshop. I know it would be a modivating and eye opening experience. Sadly, a medical leave for the past 6 weeks (and another 4-8 weeks to come) doesn’t allow the finances to attend.
    I will be starting to save to hopefully attend in the future. I hope both the February & April workshops are just amazing for everyone.

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