February 14, 2017

Join Us at Turn It Up TODAY!!

Hey friends! Let’s talk bookings for a second!

Do you feel like you’re in a place where you’re really struggling to get your name out there… simply because no one knows your name yet? Or maybe you’re in a place where you’ve been around a while, but for some reason people have stopped saying your name and the inquiries have really slowed down. If you’re nervous about how many bookings you have for this year OR if you would love to just start booking some higher packages, then have we got GOOD NEWS for you! 

That’s because we’re SO excited to be teaming up with our friends at The Academy and 13 other amazing speakers for the Turn It Up Conference starting TODAY from Feb 13-17th! The best part? It’s totally FREE to watch and it’s all ONLINE! So you can watch from home in your pj’s! During the Turn It Up Conference, you’ll learn how to attract your ideal client, up your booking game, rock your social media and so much more! Don’t miss it! You can grab your FREE spot by clicking on the link above!

PS: Here’s how it works: There are 4 new sessions each day that are available free for 24 hours (We’re on TODAY!!) If you aren’t able to watch all of the sessions or you want to have access forever, you can snag a “BACKSTAGE PASS”. It’s only $97 if you buy before the conference is over and includes: All of the 14 interviews + Bonus Q&As from all of the speakers + “Fast Track Your Business for Success E-book”. Once you sign up for the conference, you can easily add that little upgrade.

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