February 27, 2017

Join Us for a Brand New FREE Class: Lighting Tough Receptions!!

(Join us for our BRAND NEW live lighting class all about lighting those toughest receptions for FREE this week by going HERE!! )

Let me ask you something. Does the idea of walking into a reception in a dark barn stress you out because you KNOW you aren’t going to be able to bounce a flash? Do all of your details (and people!) end up purple when you have to shoot in uplighting so you spend hours in Lightroom trying to fix it later? Is the sound of the DJ saying “let’s get this party started” enough to send your heart racing because you know that means they are about to turn DOWN the lights even more?

We get it. Believe me we do. Because we’ve been there too. I used to be the girl who called myself a “natural light photographer” not because I really wanted to rely on natural light and cranking my ISO in the darkest of situations, but because I was TERRIFIED of flash. (Seriously! I was convinced I was going to find a way to make one EXPLODE!)

Thankfully over the past ten years, we have found a better way. A way that not only makes flash feel much more like natural, soft light… but also a way of TEACHING that approach that actually makes it really EASY to understand and put into action right away. Even in those TOUGHEST receptions. Because here’s what we know…

NONE of us is born knowing how to use our flash. And yet somewhere along the way, we start to feel like a fake or a failure if it doesn’t come to easy to us. The truth is, we just need someone to come alongside us and show us an easier way. And to teach it in a way that NEVER makes us feel small or left out for what we weren’t born knowing.

That’s why next week we are SO excited to be hosting our BRAND NEW and totally FREE online training, 5 Fast Fixes to Light Even the TOUGHEST Receptions!! 

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

*Barns, Ballrooms, Dark Ceilings, NO Ceilings…What to do when you can’t bounce at ALL!!
*Exactly where to place your light to never miss a shot!
*The exact shortcut system (yours to keep!) we use to dial in our settings FAST in any room!
*How to rock a one-light setup in 30 seconds or less using gear you likely ALREADY have! *The two modifiers you should never leave home without!
*The top 3 secrets of dealing with bad, mixed ugly lighting (or uplighting!) once & for ALL!
*A BONUS workbook to come back to again and again.
*…and SO much more!!

Past students at our J&M Lighting workshops who have learned these same flash shortcut secrets from us have reported getting their best reception images EVER…all while cutting their editing time in half! In HALF!! Just see what they’re saying…

“Shot my first wedding of the 2017 season today and this was the FIRST TIME EVER I WAS 100% SURE I WOULD NAIL THE LIGHTING!!! I’ve never used lighting outside of “have to” moments and I shot with my off-camera flash for EVERY part of the wedding today. And the images are 100000 times BETTER than they have ever been!!! Thank you so so so much Justin & Mary for teaching me your ways!!” -Katy Clatterbaugh

And just take a look at the Before & After of how this CHANGED the way Katy lights her receptions! Image on the left is with straight on, harsh flash…image on the right is what we taught her!

Does this sound like the kind of TRANSFORMATION you want to have with how you feel about your flash & dark receptions once and for all??

Well then join us next week at one of our FIVE live online trainings (we wanted to give you PLENTY of options to be able to be there and invest in yourself, your craft, and getting your LIFE back like this!)

Normally, this content is reserved for our workshop students only, but we’ll be teaching it live for these few days for FREE!

*Just know that space is super limited in each of the time slots and they will SELL OUT, so be sure to click HERE TODAY to reserve your spot for the time that works best for you!

Here’s to being a LIGHT! We’ll see you there!


**PS: be sure to grab YOUR spot to our BRAND NEW live class “5 Fast Fixes to Light Even the TOUGHEST Receptions” before it fills up!!


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