February 24, 2016

Join us for a FREE Lighting Webinar Tomorrow!!!


Happy Wednesday friends! We are HARD at work over here today getting everything tested & ready to go for our first ever FREE lighting webinar that we are putting on tomorrow night at 8pm EST!!

In it, we are going to be covering the 5 Steps to Make Your Flash Feel More Natural and we are also going to be announcing something really FUN that we have been working on for a looong time that is finally ready & that live webinar attendees will get to be the FIRST to see!! You don’t want to miss it! Just head over HERE to reserve your spot before we close registration! And we’ll see you there!

**We aren’t sure yet if we’ll be able to do a replay. But go ahead & register and if we are able to get it to work you’ll get the link to re-watch!

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.27.01 AM

  1. Laura

    Were you able to do a replay? I missed it! THANKS!!!!

  2. Mira

    Is there a reply? Couldn´t joyn :-(

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