February 15, 2016

Join us for a FREE Webinar: 5 Steps to Make Your Flash Feel Natural!!


Happy Monday! And do we have such a FUN way to kick off this week! That’s because we are super excited to announce that we are going to be putting on a FREE webinar for all of our photographer friends exactly ten days from today at 8pm EST on Thursday, Feb 25th!! For any of you who have ever struggled with getting results from your flash that don’t feel “flashy,” for those of you who hate ever having to rely on a flash because so much of your work depends on that natural light feel and the two just don’t match, or for those of you who just feel sick & your palms start sweating even at the idea of having to break out a flash on a wedding day….THIS is for you!!

**Here is just some of what you will learn in this webinar:

*The 5 biggest factors that go into making your flash look like it was just natural window light.
*The 30 second one-light off-camera set up that anyone can use and that you can take with you anywhere
*What to do the very next time you’re in a terrible room with mixed light & how to never be afraid of those rooms again.
*The one biggest trick that will help your flash mimic a window.
*Why where you put your flash matters.
*Our favorite two modifiers that every photographer should have.
*Some before & after shots, with some behind the scenes of where we were actually shooting that you’ll have to see to believe!

Like we said, the webinar will be totally FREE to watch, but you do have to head over & reserve your spot before it fills up because space is limited! So just make sure you head over HERE to get on the list while we still have room!

**We aren’t sure yet if we’ll be able to do a replay or not, so you’re going to want to watch LIVE (and we also have some really fun surprises we’re going to be announcing that only our live audience will get to be part of) But if you absolutely can’t be there to watch live go ahead & sign up and if we can get the replay to work you’ll get an email with the link!

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  1. Linda Kuo

    Looking forward to it. I bought your “guide” and lighting guide!

  2. Katya

    I was wondering if you have a replay of this workshop?

  3. Jess

    A little late to the game – will you host a similar webinar like this again? Thanks!

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