November 10, 2016

How to Rock Your Flash FAST….And Get HOURS of Your Life Back!

Hey friends!! Happy Thursday!

We are on a plane right now, flying home from Arizona where we were just teaching at the United Conference. While we were there, Justin & I taught not one but TWO classes on lighting, and so we had the chance to talk to SO many photographers face to face about where their struggles and frustrations with flash really come from. Let me ask you if any of this sounds familiar. They told us they feel…

*FRUSTRATED walking into a room and never knowing how to get the RIGHT settings fast.

*OVERWHELMED at what gear they need and not wanting to spend a ton of money on it. And how to break out a setup like that in time during something as crazy and fast paced as a wedding day.

*FEARFUL because they had shoots coming up at places (barns, outside at night, venues with black ceilings!!) where they didn’t know HOW in the world they were going to light them.

*TIRED of walking into situations with ugly light and getting only ok images, when they know it could have been SO much better if only the light was good.

*EXHAUSTED from spending hours and hours and HOURS of their lives pushing sliders around in Lightroom trying to FIX those images, at a time when they should be heading into a RESTFUL season.

Does any of that sound like YOU right now?? 


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We get it. Believe me we do. Because we’ve been there too. I used to be the girl who called myself a “natural light photographer” not because I really wanted to rely on natural light and cranking my ISO in the darkest of situations, but because I was TERRIFIED of flash. (Seriously! I was convinced I was going to find a way to make one EXPLODE!)

Thankfully over the past ten years, we have found a better way. A way that not only makes flash feel much more like natural, soft light… but also a way of TEACHING that approach that actually makes it really EASY to understand and put into action right away. Because here’s what we know…

NONE of us is born knowing how to use our flash. And yet somewhere along the way, we start to feel like a fake or a failure if it doesn’t come to easy to us. The truth is, we just need someone to come alongside us and show us an easier way. And to teach it in a way that NEVER makes us feel small or left out for what we weren’t born knowing.

That’s why next week we are SO excited to be hosting our BRAND NEW and totally FREE online training, Lighting on the Fly: How to Rock Your Flash FAST… and get HOURS of your Life Back in the Process!

Let’s get to what you really care about! Here’s what you can expect to learn:

*The exact gear that goes into our basic one light set up, and how you can get the BEST results without spending a ton of money (mostly with gear you already have!)

*Our exact 5 step process we go through to determine our camera & flash settings in ANY situation so you can get dialed in FAST.

*How to ELIMINATE bad ugly light at your very next wedding or shoot.

*Our NEVER before shared, J&M shortcut list to flash settings, yours to keep!!

*A BONUS workbook to come back to again and again.

*And how to shave HOURS off your editing workflow on the back end because you took a few second extra on the wedding to get your shots RIGHT in camera!

Past students at our J&M lighting workshops who have learned these same flash shortcut secrets from us have reported cutting their editing time in half! In HALF!! Let me ask you… what could you do with all that time if you got it back? Spend more time with your family? More time doing the fun things you used to love, but now no longer have time for? Or just sit on the couch with a cup coffee and breathe with no where else to be! Sounds pretty AMAZING right??

Well then join us next week at one of our FOUR live online trainings (we wanted to give you PLENTY of options to be able to be there and invest in yourself, your craft, and getting your LIFE back like this!) Normally, this content is reserved for our workshop students only, but we’ll be teaching it live for these few days for FREE!

Just know that space is super LIMITED in each of the time slots, so be sure to click HERE today to reserve your spot for the time that works BEST for you!

Here’s to more FREEDOM and less LIGHTROOM!!

We’ll see you there!


**PS: be sure to grab YOUR spot to our BRAND NEW live class “How to Rock Your Flash FAST….and Get Hours of Your Life Back!” before it fills up!!

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