November 4, 2014

Join Us on Showit LIVE Today!!

We are up and at em, gearing up to be on Showit LIVE today to talk all things pricing!!

Pricing is just one of those things that I think all photographers struggle with from time to time. Knowing where to position yourself in your market, charging what you’re worth, and paying attention to the bottom line are things a lot of creatives don’t even want to think about. But they are absolutely crucial in the success of your business and making sure each year is more successful than the last!

Today on the show we are going to be chatting about a few different pricing models, including the one we’ve dubbed “the Lexus Theory of Pricing” that creates a sweet spot of both booking a lot of weddings and booking your higher packages (and the momentum that kind of combination can bring!) We’re going to compare a la carte and set packages. And we’re going to talk about what to think about when you’re setting booking goals for next year (and how to actually get there!) So if you are in a place where you are starting to think about where you want your pricing to be for next year, this will be a great start for getting you thinking in the right direction!

It’s going to be a good day! If you want to join us, then just tune in HERE at 1pm EST/10am PT to join the LIVE audience! And if you can’t join us, we actually talk all about our pricing strategy, including the Lexus Theory, in our ebook The Guide! We put it on special today for the show for $99 (normally $150) and you can grab your copy by clicking HERE!


  1. Emilia Jane

    I’m a-watching. Love you two <3

  2. 58eveningdress

    Prefect of all,love it!!!

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