May 30, 2012

Join us TODAY for a Live Chat!!

Hey Guys!

We hope you’ll be able to join us tonight starting at 6pm EST for a one hour LIVE Chat that will be hosted right here on the blog! This chat is entirely free to join so we hope to see you there & please help us spread the word by sharing about it on your facebook wall or twitter!

We’ll see you then!

**Unlike our past two LIVE Chats, this one doesn’t have a set curriculum. It will be made entirely of your questions and the different directions that YOU take us. So in a way, it’s like we’re hosting it together! :) So help a girl out & get those questions ready! And if you already have some you can start leaving them in the text questions area once you’ve joined the event!

  1. Taylor

    Hi Justin and Mary! I’m so excited and can’t wait to hear you talk! Thinking of questions now :)

  2. Emily K

    I’ve got so many questions! But the biggest ones I can think of are 1) How do you properly expose with backlighting? 2) What kind of metering do you prefer? 3) Do you ever choose aperture based on how far you are standing away from your subjects (bride & groom)? Thanks J&M! I’m so excited to watch!! :)

  3. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Hi! Here’s a question for tonight’s chat: When you started blogging, how did you set up your blogging schedule and now, how do you stick with it?

  4. Ashley B

    I have been a second shooter for ‘6 whole years!; (sung lady gaga style) That’s longer than most have owned their own business…. How do I now make the transition after being a second for so long? I feel like I’ve been at this forever and yet nobody knows who I am! Help J&M!

  5. sharon elizabeth

    Would it be possible for ya’ll to discuss your reception lighting set-up…. and Justin — let’s talk like 1st graders when discussing this… for people like me who are clueless!!!! I know how you get when you talk about lights! =) XOXO

  6. Amanda Truth

    Hi J&M!! Here’s a question: I am just getting started, having only solo shot one wedding so far (woohoo!!) but I’m wondering how to get new/prospective clients to have faith in me, even with my lack of experience! I’ve got a lot of couples asking for just engagement sessions, but not wanting to book me for their wedding because they’re worried about my lack of experience. How do I go about saying that even though I’m inexperienced, I’ll still rock out your wedding without being too pushy?? Thanks!! Can’t wait to chat tonight! :)

  7. Stacey Hemeyer

    My question is about editing. I am currently editing a wedding where the bride was very tan, and the groom has very "ruddy" red skin. Do you "fix" his skin in every photo, and how?

  8. Deney

    Yey, you guys pronounce my name correctly twice! Somehow, it always gets butchered by others.

    Thanks for answering my question about the off-camera flash and set up.

  9. Kare

    Loved having dinner with you guys tonight. Well, we had dinner and you guys talked our ears off. Lots of great info, thanks for all that you do for the rest of us. xoxo

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