January 27, 2016

Join Us Today On the Turn It Up Conference!


When we first started our business, we quickly realized that we were actually losing money on every wedding we booked because we weren’t really taking account all of the costs. Yea, whoops! And yet FEAR kept us stuck right where we were because we were afraid if we raised our prices even a little, that the bookings would just stop completely. Anybody ever been there? But eventually of course we had to move past that fear & actually build something that worked.

And that’s why we’re SO excited because today is the day that we’re going to be teaching in the Turn It Up Conference all about how to go about raising your prices without losing clients & how to break into a higher market when you just aren’t there yet! And we’re also going to be giving everyone who watches live today (for FREE all day today btw!!) a copy of our brand new e-book “Our 5 Biggest Pricing Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them” You’ll actually be the first ones to ever get it!! AND it also comes with a gift credit for $50 to our J&M Store!! So basically, you DON’T want to miss it! Head over HERE to start watching now!

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