September 12, 2011

Jonathan Edwards Winery Wedding: Kristen & Stephen

The best man stood in the center of the dance floor and began what he had written. He talked about who they are separately. And he talked about who they are together. And how when you see two people in love, truly in love for the long haul, you just know it. He said that Kristen had told him that for the girl, the wedding is all about the dress. That once you find that, once you get that part right, the rest just falls into place. But then he added that while that might be true, for the guy the wedding is all about the girl. And then he raised his glass and toasted to finding the perfect girl.

I stood at the edge of the dance floor and watched Kristen & Stephen spin and sway, surrounded by their friends and family. And I couldn’t help thinking about all the things I love about them separately. But even more so, what I love about who they are. Together. About how when you see two people who are destined to go the long haul, you just know it. Instantly. On a gut level. And how that kind of love is restorative. How it renews. And how grateful I am for love like that in this world. Because when you start with a love like that, once you get that part right… the rest just falls into place.

K&S, we adore you guys! Thank you so much for you are and for treating us like we were just friends who happened to bring their cameras along. I hope you are packing for France as we speak. And just so you know, I have a couple berets you can borrow if you need em!

Married: Kristen & Stephen

Kristen & Stephen put together one of the softest, prettiest, most detailed weddings we’ve seen in a long time. And they included the best accessory of all: unfettered, unrestrained happiness for all the world to see. Their wedding could not have been possible without the help of some incredible and insanely talented people:

Location: Erica at the exquisite Jonathan Edwards Winery
Culinary stylings courtesy of Linda at A Thyme to Cook
Beautiful blooms from Thames River Greenery
All of that incredible paper from the programs to the menu to the lavender cones from Robin Kornett at Robin K Design
And finally, once again a HUGE thank you goes out to Alicia Candelora for being our wingwoman that day. All of the pretty pictures are hers. :)

  1. Kristin Nicole

    So pretty…gorgeous light!

  2. sherri lynn

    What a beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!

  3. Leeann Marie

    Mmmm champagne and lavender…

  4. kim kerns manas

    Stunning!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!! STUNNING!!!!

  5. Suzy G

    Oh Gorgeousness, what a beautiful couple.

  6. Robin McQuay Anderson

    Love this wedding…soft, elegant, and just pure loveliness.

  7. Staey Trottier

    Beautiful Wedding. Love JE!

  8. Abby Grace

    The images of his reaction during the first look are priceless. Definitely gave me goosebumps. Beautiful!!!

  9. Deborah Zoe

    i LOVE everything about this wedding:) That shot of them walking through the vineyard towards you is aaaahhmazing:)!

  10. Lisa Cour

    That bw of them walking toward you, looking at each other is divine. LOVE!

  11. Alicia Candelora

    Lovely. :) So much fun shooting with you guys!

  12. Taylor Jackson

    Mary and Justin! The tree’s have veils as well! Honestly what a perfect day, and of course, you rock!

  13. Lara

    Kristen – you look gorgeous! Stephen – you look quite dapper. Justin & Mary – beautiful job, as always. We’re getting very excited!

  14. Jil

    beautiful details! love the purple and the gorgeous flowers :o)

  15. Kare

    Oh my gorgeous!

  16. Girish

    Beautiful photographs.

  17. Mela Veltri Stavisky

    Absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations to the bride and groom – you have a complete story in those amazing photographs! Treasure them and each other!!

  18. Sindy

    Gorgeous wedding! :)

  19. Nancy

    Beautiful. One of my goals next year is to capture a wedding at a winery. ;)

  20. natasha

    This is STUNNING!

  21. Stephen & Kristen

    Justin and Mary and Alicia, truly fabulous! Our friends and family have thoroughly enjoyed looking at each one, and all the emotion just keeps coming back. Looking forward to many more good times with you. Cheers!

  22. Ashley

    Love the photos, great job, thanks for inspiring.

  23. Allix B.

    Wow! These are out of the ball-park-loverly!! The purple dresses are so gorgeous! Y’all are really awesome at what you do…just so ya know ;)

  24. Julia R

    I’m in love with this wedding! Everything is just gorgeous!

  25. Stephanie

    Umm, are those POCKETS on her wedding dress!? Love!

  26. Brooke Summer Photography

    J&M, you’ve done it again – these are amazing. You’re right, soft and beautiful!

  27. Scott Villalobos

    Amazing, I’m truly envious of you guys.

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