May 25, 2010

Julia Rocks!! :)

Today when Julia came into work, she totally rocked my socks clean off with this birthday present. Or should I say presents. Plural. Plurale. Many. Because Julia….well, Julia is the kind of girl who does awesome in multiple degrees. And we love her for it!! :)

And, thanks to her, it looks like I’m off to an excellent start on that office makeover. Just a few more minutes to get those design boards in if you haven’t yet!!

Happy Tuesday afternoon all!

Gotta love those tell tale brown boxes that can mean only one thing….Anthropologie!! Julia is an Anthropologie goddess. She has ahh-mazing taste! Just check out that nautical rope magnifying glass. Gah!!

Those other two brown boxes contained this killer “M” on a stand (right) and the book etcetera: creating beautiful interiors with the things you love (left). It is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Like this spread for example! Love it!

Thank you Julia Gulia!!!!! I hope that you know how honored I am to get to call you my friend. For real.

  1. Alicia Candelora

    OMG…that is totally the magnifying glass from the design board I sent you!


  2. Lydia

    Must plan an Anthropologie trip after reading this post. Wonder what I’m doing tomorrow…

  3. Kia Gregory

    If we were friends on facebook I would totally say, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! So happy belated birthday! Love all the eye candy you and Justin post! Makes me smile!

  4. MM

    @Kia: ummmm we TOTALLY should be! add us!

  5. Girish

    Nice presents and wonderful shots.

  6. Brandy Frank

    very cool Mary! we hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, you deserve it!

  7. Ray

    I love that nautical rope magnifying glass. ;o) Julia is too cool! =D

  8. liz

    ohh thanks for the ideas julia… i’m headed to anthro with my birthday discount. how cute is that birthday candle necklace they send out!?

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