September 24, 2010

Julia: Stuff I Love

Hiya! It’s Julia checking in while J&M are hard at work getting some wedding blogs ready for your reading pleasure! Since the weekend is a mere 6 hours away, I thought I would keep this post light! Just a fun and frivolous little distraction to start your Friday. Here it is, Stuff I Love. No theme, no reason, no rhyme, just a random mixture of things that make me smile!


1. Strawberry gum. LOVE IT! …and watermelon too!
2. Teddy bear sunflowers
3. Coffee ice cream! The individual serving size is perfect!
4. Rhubarb pie!
5. Record players! Love all those pops, scratches and white noise! :)
6. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm
7. Tim Gunn- I have a standing date with this dashing gentleman every Thursday night!
8. Haribo Coke Bottles
9. Weezer! Loved them in the 90’s, still love them, will always love them!
10. Tazo teas- all kinds but Zen is my absolute fave!
11. Avocados
12. Enchanted- this movie makes me grin from ear to ear every time I watch it.
13. Swings! And husbands who go swinging with me!
14. Dahlias
15. My dad’s a sailmaker. Sailing is in my blood!
16. The Boss.
17. MY JOB!
18. Rails to Trails! Awesome for weekend hiking, biking, or dog walking!

But the two most indispensable, incomparable things that stand at the tippyiest top of the Things I Love pile?

My husband and our dog Andy :) Love you guys!!!

Since it’s Friday and we’re only hours away from weekend fun… what are some random things you love? Go ahead, shout ’em out! Inquiring minds want to know! :)


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  1. Sergey

    OMG… those gummy coke bottles are awesome! The root beer ones are even better IMO!

  2. Julia

    @Sergey- They have Rootbeer!?!? Be still my heart!

  3. Molly Kate

    It’s no wonder we are friends, Miss Julia! We love so many of the same things … including the Haribo Cola Bottles that I had last night! :)

  4. Brendon

    Yeah, sailing!

  5. Jenny @ Weddingistas

    I’ve always been a tried & true Weezer fan myself. And I think I’m liking their new album… but the jury is stillout. Love today’s post!

  6. Ed Congdon

    I’m right there with you on the rhubarb pie! Know where we can get some? And the swings are a must! Kudos on the Rails-to-Trails thing, too. We’ve got a bunch of that going on here in MN. I’ll add my puppy, Petie, to my list. He can always get me to smile, except when he’s trying to eat my shoe! Thanks for sharing your list, Julia!

  7. Lou

    Love the post Julia!! What a cute dog you have BTW and I am all about Weezer they are so good in concert!

  8. maggieb

    Don’t anyone dare put strawberries in my rhubarb pie!
    But strawberry gum is ok on the side.

  9. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    WIRELESS INTERNET!!!!!!! ‘nuf said.

  10. Julia R

    Julia, we’ll have to talk sailing next time I see you! Your dad is a sailmaker, mine built sailboats! :-) Happy Monday!

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