November 5, 2010

Julia’s Kitchen Dream Board

Happy Friday everyone!

J&M are out on a shoot so I thought I would pop in and hook you up with a post before you all head off for some weekend fun!

Last night, Mike and I sat and sorted mail. Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel all arrived in our mailbox and they were beckoning from the bottom of the pile. As we finished ripping up the last of the credit card offers, I cracked open the newest issue of Crate & Barrel and we got to talking about our kitchen. A kitchen that has come quite a long way in the past 12 months! Before we left on tour last year, Mike and I started our kitchen renovation. We ripped it apart from Top. To. Bottom. Our Before consisted of original 1956 cabinetry, approximately 5 layers of linoleum, and appliances from 1985. So right now, I guess you could say, we are in phase 2 of kitchen renovation. Right now, it looks like a kitchen and acts like a kitchen but it’s not quite where we want it to be.

Phase 1 of our kitchen renovation included replacing the linoleum with tile, taking out all of the cabinets and replacing them with shelving (We love how open our kitchen looks now!), and adding a butcher block cabinet for the dishwasher (that way we still have some space to chop, dice, and slice!) We installed a hanging pot rack, wall shelving, and some hanging spice racks. Most of the accents around our kitchen are stainless steel and the walls are Sun Shower Yellow.

But here’s the deal. It’s not quite US yet. So here’s a design board with all of the things we are working toward adding to our kitchen. The things that will make our kitchen scream Julia & Mike. These will come slowly over the course of the next year (or two, or three!)… but we are super excited about our vision! YAY!

1. A stainless steel dishwasher from Home Depot (ours is currently white)
2. A stainless steel double oven range also from Home Depot (we still have the white one. From 1985.)
3. A stainless steel ceiling fan available at Home Depot (yup, still white!)
4. Some ultra cool storage bins from Sundance to replace our basic chrome shelving
5. A new hood for our stove. This one is from Ikea
6. More shelving from Sundance! I know just where I would put this!
7. Gorgeous pendant lamps from Anthropologie. Right now we have simple white pendants above our sink.
8. Some vintage stools from Sundance I guess you could say, I’m currently obsessed with Sundance Home! Whoever sent us that catalogue is a marketing genius!
9. Love how rustic this little kitchen island is. Also from Sundance
10. Some metal crates to hold utensils etc. From Sundance Yup. Officially obsessed.
11. Some really cool wooden crates. From, wait for it. Sundance!
12. Cute glass jars from Crate & Barrel
13. An amazing shelving unit from Anthropologie!

So what are you currently coveting for your home? I’d love to know, because I just might add it to my wish list! :)

Happy dreaming,


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  1. Jesse

    Wow! I am new to the board and love this post! My husband and I are looking at kitchen options as well and this is so helpful! Thanks!

  2. Ed Congdon

    I can just picture this kitchen when it’s done! (Speaking of pictures, are you going to post any of the "after" shots?) It looks like you’ve got good taste. Good luck with the final stages of your make-over.

  3. Karin Doolin

    Love every single one of these! I had not heard of Sundance before and I am now a fan!

  4. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Dude, J2, you + hubby = J&M, squared.

  5. Katie B

    My future hubbie and I just bought a new home. Thrift stores can have some great finds. I love pottery barn, i can get in so much trouble in there as well as Lowes! I remember when I was little and dad would take me to Lowes and I used to hate it, I always thought it was a boy store, now I love it!!!!!!!!

  6. Jil

    i LOVE your kitchen dream board Julia! for the moment mine has one (completely unattainable) item: a window with natural light shining through!

  7. Jessica Sweeney

    I love stainless steel, and now after years of really disliking it I am in the mood for yellow accents. So I think your kitchen sounds fab. And I can commiserate with you because we’re in the process of an almost total remodel and I’ve been without a kitchen in my apartment for almost a year. Talk about hard times!

  8. Alison

    The shorter lst is what I am not coveting! Our dishwasher sounds like a steamship leaving port, the stove is limping on its last legs, the microwave waived a white flag over the weekend and the fridge is making a funky noise. Then we have the floor that was "fixed" by a con man that has to be done again and the counter top that has started to peel. Can you guess there is a huge overhaul in our near future? Love your dream board, I am going to have to check out sundance!

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