June 1, 2010

Julia’s Picks: June

Hi! It’s Julia welcoming you into June on this lovely day!

For the past few months, my husband Mike and I have been doing a ton of work outside in preparation for Summer. This year, we have promised ourselves, we are finally going to host a few parties at our place! While we work, I dream. Dream of the perfect patio set. Dream of gardens as far as the eye can see. Dream of Summer SoirĂ©es at our cute little ranch! :) So I decided to put all of my dreaming to good use and fashion a design board from all things I love about Summer. Here it is, Julia’s Picks for June. Please enjoy!

1. A cute little dog collar from Lily Pulitzer!
2. Gardening couldn’t be more fun with these nautical inspired tools from Anthropologie
3. A big floppy hat to shade your face in the garden or look effortlessly chic while at the beach! Nordstrom
4. It’s past Memorial Day!! We can all wear white again! Does anyone even listen to that rule anymore?!? Banana Republic
5. My father is a sailmaker and I keep trying to convince him to make me one of these bags!! Dad, if you’re reading this- Pleassseee!!!! This one comes from Anthropologie
6. I have to confess, my gardening gloves are NOT this fabulous! :) Anthropologie
7. One of the cutest straw bags I have ever seen, courtesy of J.Crew
8. Mmmmmm. Mango sorbet always brings a smile to my face. Any time. Any day.
9. Fresh corn on the cob- one of my favorite things about summer! We grill ours with olive oil- YUM!
10. Mixed seeds are my favorite experiment. This one is called Fairy Meadow and I planted it all around our patio in hopes of growing an enchanting wild flower garden. So far it looks lovely! Botanical Interests
11. Love these simple lanterns from Crate and Barrel
12. The perfect summer dress- complete with ruffles!! Lily Pulitzer
13. My garden wouldn’t be complete without a birdbath. This earthy one comes from Plow & Hearth
14. Cool summer nights can be so frustrating! I ALWAYS forget to pack a jacket because the days are so warm. The key to alway having a jacket? Find the cutest one out there! J.Crew
15. This is one of those things I dream about! It would look lovely hanging in the corner of our patio. Anthropologie
16. This hammock swing has relaxation written all over it! Available at Plow & Hearth

  1. Julia R

    I LOVE sailbags!!! Great board for gearing up for a fun summer!

  2. Jil

    great board!! from our 1 bdrm in manhattan i dream of my very own outside space. someday…

  3. Nicole Chubb

    Love it! I finally got a yard, so I’m looking forward to having summer parties as well :) You’ve inspired me to make an inspiration board now ;)

  4. Molly

    I can see the parties now!!!

  5. Katie Jane Parker

    Great picks all around! I saw that hanging chair from Anthropologie the other day and just loved it. Ugh, I wish a had a porch!

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