August 31, 2010

Julia’s Picks: September

I love waking up to the cool crisp scent of Fall. Love walking out to the car and feeling my cheeks flush and prickle as the wind rushes against my face. Love the crispy leaves that crunch under my feet when I work in the yard. And raking? Raking is my favorite Fall activity! I love forming gigantic piles all over the front yard and then scooping them up and into bags. I have to fight the urge to jump into them yelling at the top of my lungs! Ahh, Fall. Kinda makes me wanna go buy a new backpack, marble notebook and some number 2 pencils!

And as I sit here, in the sweltering 85 degree weather I can’t help but dream of Fall. Of ordering a steaming hot caramel coffee instead of an iced cold half caff. Of going for a run without being accompanied by a dull heat headache. Of putting the Air Conditioner back into the basement and fighting playfully over the thermostat. Yea, right about now, I am dreaming of a cozy and comforting Fall. Full of oversized sweaters, spiced pancakes, and decadent scarves.

Here’s my picks for must have comfort this Fall!

1. Gorgeous jacket from Anthropologie! Somehow it manages to be sophisticated and whimsical all at the same time. Love the shearling collar!
2. Yummy boots also from Anthro! How cute are those bows?
3. Flannel pajama bottoms from Arie by American Eagle. If I had my choice, I would never take them off! Maybe I’ll have to talk to J&M about having a REALLY casual Friday :)
4. When I was in elementary school we LIVED in oversized men’s sweaters! This year, I’m bringing it back! Who’s with me?!? This uber cute one is from J.Crew
5. Definitely on my wish list! I found this Marc Jacob scarf on Piper Lime
6. I VOW to have a working fireplace this year. The glass has been broken on ours for almost three years now! Yikes! I like the clean lines of this one from Home Depot
7. Ummm, Spiced Pecan Pumpkin PANCAKES!?!? YES PLEASE!! From Williams-Sonoma
8. This is sort of an October pick but I’m so excited I can’t leave it off the list!! Mike and I go pumpkin picking at Jones Farm every year! We go all out, drink cidar, eat donuts, ride the tractor… we DO IT UP!! And I can’t wait!!
9. LOVE a comfortable beanie. Add a touch of sparkle? It’s double nice!! Roxy makes this cute little number!

So what is your go to Fall comfort wear?!?

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  1. {15:51} photography

    Oooohhh…and don’t forget the first time that you get to put the down blankets on your bed!! It’s so deliciously comfy {especially with an extra good book!}!

  2. Nichole

    I’m right there with you J2! Except the "Air Conditioner" part (we don’t have one). I miss wearing layers and sweaters and jeans. And not feeling like I need to shower from all the sweat & humidity every few hours. *gets nostalgic*

  3. Trude

    Those are some super cute picks! I can’t wait for pumpkin spice lattes, yummmm.

  4. Lauren Wakefield

    Love the boots! I just did a post exactly like this on my blog.
    Fall is officially running through my blood stream! MMMM…pumpkin.

  5. Ray

    I’m still sad that Summer’s almost over. But you make Fall sound good.

  6. Jil

    love that scarf!!

  7. maggieb

    gotta be in a rocking chair in front of that fire with a good book and that scarf with some goood old fashioned tea!

  8. dawn beirnes

    Fall is the bomb! This post just made me happy!!!!

  9. Christa

    Love the sweater!

  10. Michelle

    Great picks! I have been coveting those cute Anthro boots with the bows for awhile, love them! I’ve been craving pumpkin lagers, too…

  11. Alicia Candelora

    Yeah, so those boots were also on my fall favorites list 2 weeks ago. Great minds think alike. Aren’t they ADORABLE? (and wicked expensive!!!)

  12. Jim Altieri

    I never fit in the clothes you pick out :)

  13. Lou

    Fall is my favorite season! Bring on those rakes! Great post!

  14. Sarah

    Nothing is better than pumpkins, cider and donuts in the fall. Love, love.

  15. Bradford

    Fall is my favorite! I am sprinting to Halloween… cannot wait.

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