July 3, 2015

June Mentoring: Brooke Tucker & Real > Perfect

One of the things that we loved most about our recent whirlwind trip to VA-WV-OH, besides the two workshops, rehearsal dinner, wedding & editorial headshot shoot that we did (whew!), was getting to sit down across from the amazing Brooke Tucker and do a mentoring session with her! It was so funny, going into the session we all thought that we were going to be talking pricing and business-y things for her photography business. But as soon as we sat down across from her we realized that this was going to be something so much MORE than what she was just thinking for photography. This girl. Ohhhhh this GIRL. Let me tell you. She is on the verge of doing something HUGE & it’s going to be amazing for moms everywhere.

Brooke’s heart is so much like mine….when we got to talking about bringing more real-ness and vulnerability into the world, I felt like I was talking to my spirit animal! :) She just gets me…and I get her! And that’s why as soon as we sat down from the very beginning, the ideas were firing off like crazy! We couldn’t slow them down! What we want to do for small business owners & creatives, she wants to make possible for moms. Because let’s be honest, besides business owners the only group of people that is probably harder on themselves and holds themselves up to more of a “must be perfect” standard is moms. And that’s why her mantra of “real is better than perfect” is so powerful.


As we sat across from Brooke and heard her heart behind her photography business (that she wants to create a community where it’s ok for moms to come and support each other and say “oh don’t worry, I’ve been there too”) we knew that THAT had to be her real business. The photography would be one part of it, but there is so much more coming! I’m going to let her tell you about those projects in the coming weeks & months ahead, but TRUST ME if you are a mom (or thinking about being a mom) you NEED to follow this girl now & get in from the ground up on the community that she’s building. It’s going to be incredible! Our #messymiddlechallenge is going to be ending on Monday, but if you loved the vulnerability that was being shared as part of that, you should start following Brooke’s #realisbetterthanperfect hashtag because that is going to be ongoing! You can read all about that by going HERE!

One other final thing that I’ll add is that when Brooke did her blog post on Real> Perfect, one of the first things that happened was a lot of people coming out of the woodwork wondering if she was just copying us with the Messy Middle (or if we in turn had just taken the idea from her in the mentoring session…something we would never do, fyi). This kind of thinking is so toxic! Brooke & I are friends now, brought together by a common love of ruffly sweaters, witty banter, :) and wanting to bring more REAL into the world. And what we both know is that if this vulnerability thing is going to work, if community is going to work, then it has to be built by many hands not just one person. It’s what she’s doing with Real > Perfect, it’s in our blog posts, it’s in the community that is coming together under the Rising Tide Society. What it can’t be is that every time someone tries to open up and build vulnerability or community in the world, that someone else immediately tries to find the flaw or fault in it. As business owners and as women, we have to stop doing that to each other. Because trust me, there is NO drama here….only love and friendship and spirit animals! :) And ruffly sweaters!

So now, without further ado…allow me to introduce you to Brooke and let her tell you in HER words what she’s all about!

Untitled_0188 Hi Friends… My name is Brooke Tucker and I am a real mom for the moms!  I believe that real is better than perfect any day and in any form!  My heart is for people but especially mom’s to come together and shed this belief that we all have to be perfect and present our perfect selves and our perfect families and instead just BE… be ourselves for who we are in this beautiful real, raw, and endearing moment so we can truly appreciate it for what it is!

I believe that if we can start to share our true stories, our real stories, with one another. that we can finally start to connect with each other and create a community that will unconditionally love one another and lift each other up without fear or judgement! A community that says… motherhood is the most amazing gift we have ever been given but YES my friend it is also tough!  It is the most beautiful role and endearing role we will ever be privileged enough to have but YES my friend there are days when we all lose our patience or need a hug or heck just a high five!

There are times when we all might need to get together for a laugh because WE feel slightly crazy because we love our children so intensely that it actually causes us to behave a little mad!  There are times when we might need each other because girlfriend… MOMMY needs to put herself in the time out chair and that’s OK too… we are all just human and we need a human moment every once in a while to breathe. There will also be times when we just need that lifeline to call up another mom who just gets “it” and you need someone to just take a moment to laugh with and say please tell me I’m not the only one who has had a potty incident in an area that was outside of the bathroom and hey… let me high five you on that clean up!

Real is better than perfect is about embracing where we are in our lives… right here and right now and celebrating that!  It’s about loving OUR stories and understanding that no matter what they are, our stories of motherhood just might help another mother as long as we are willing to share it honestly!

**Be sure to head over & follow everything Brooke is up to with Real> Perfect by heading over HERE!


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