July 3, 2014

June Mentoring + New Dates

We had such an awesome group of mentoring sessions for June! They ran the full spectrum from just getting to started to fully established & even expanding with associate photographers, and it just made me realize more than ever how much I LOVE helping people build businesses! I am such an entrepreneur at heart (I come from a long line of them!) and so doing these sessions allows me to help build business after business every single year….talk about an entrepreneur’s dream! I love sitting down with people to strategize and dream up the next step. To take an honest look at what’s not working & what’s holding people back. And to brainstorm the next steps. When I was in college, I actually went to school on a debate scholarship and in my senior year I graduated to being one of the coaches. That was the year that I fell in love with being someone’s mentor & teacher. To cheer them on at every win & success, and to push them when they needed pushing. And now we get to do that times four every single month! It is seriously something I am grateful for every day!

In June we were so lucky to get to hang out with Stacy Hart, Sharon Elizabeth, Gabrielle Halle & Caroline Talbot. We met with Gabrielle via Skype and the weather was pretty gross for Sharon (and Ashley!), so we’ll have to do all of their head shots another time! But it was still so awesome to meet up with all of them, and we have some of our faves from Stacy & Caroline’s mini head shots to share with you guys today! We do these mini-sessions with everyone who signs up for a mentoring session & I think it’s such a great bonus because it’s something almost all of us are in need of!

**We also have some new dates to announce today, in that we have just opened up a couple more mentoring sessions for July 15th & 16th when we’re out in Chicago!! There are only TWO sessions available, so if you are in that area & want to meet up, be sure to grab your spot fast! You can do that by clicking over HERE!

Happy Thursday!

  1. Deborah Zoe

    Two beautiful women, inside and out!!:)

  2. sharon elizabeth

    beautiful!!!! and we had so much fun!!! love youuu

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